True Friends
A true friend
Will never make you cry;
Will never mean to hurt you,
But make you look to the sky.
They have always been there;
They are friends from the start.
Always made you happy
And saw you from the heart.
Friends only want to love you
And only want to say,
"Stay by me forever."
And forever we will stay.
Your friends will always be there
For you when you are mad.
They will even hold your hand
And give comfort when you're sad.
Now comes the day
That we should say good-bye.
The day of graduation.
But don't you ever cry.
Friends have come and friends have gone
Throughout our high school years.
But even after graduation
I'll be there to dry your tears.
All the fun we had together
And all the troubles we have caused
Will never fade and never fail
For the memories shall not be lost.
Forever friends we shall be
I will never be untrue.
Until the day we part from Earth
I will always love you.