It was a more peaceful in the sea.

Susa, the not very missed God, sat atop of his little sand castle with only the wind and stars for company. They were very good company too. After all, they had been around for several millennia. Plus, they didn't give unwanted advice or anecdotes. Except on occasion when the wind was feeling talkative, but he chalked that up to insanity and moved on.

What had he come here for? He had left (Banished, but this piece of information was ignored when not particularly handy) his home for what? To search for a bit of himself lost slowly over a century? The numbness of society, the thing that made you feel invisible in a crowd even with brightly dyed hair and violently striking eyes, the one that poignantly told you that you were an outsider.

Oh but by the heavens it hurt.

It shouldn't have, he knew. It was stupid of him to latch on to something to fill the emptiness inside of him, and for that he had caused harm to the closest thing to understanding he ever had.

But it was all right, he was going to make it better, because he of all people knew that you couldn't mess with people's lives and leave them to pick up the pieces. He hadn't a right to play God at all, and that's what he happened to do. Playing God was unacceptable. Being God however, was completely appropriate.

He wasn't sure if Kali was dead, even after holding the boy close and feeling his heartbeat against his back he still wasn't sure, but somehow he knew that it was him being there that made it worse. If he had never shown up, if he had never risen to fight, if he had not been pulled asunder by the strings of destiny that seemed to love his discomfort and misery as one loves a sweet wine, then Susa Shindo the human would have never caused the events leading to a large slab of concrete falling on the being that would be the closest to being someone he felt the same darkness in.

Susanowo the God had no problems whatsoever in killing off humans. After all, if they were meant to live longer, they would have been built sturdier. But he had left the High Gods because he hated their hypocritical ways. And if now, Susa Shindo was to play God, then anything he ever meant for was pointless.

For the first time in years there was a Prayer for him. If he ignored it now, he could live on peacefully as a human for many years to come. He could give up the brief happiness he felt when he was pleasantly ignored like any other being-

But then what would he be?

He would never be human, he knew enough to know that, but he would never be a revered God.

So then what? Give up the eternal struggle that began in him and spread like the ripples of a whirlpool through the world?

But he was needed.

And sometimes, that was all you really needed.

Resolved in his thoughts, Susanowo turned to the storm clouds that were his own, and knew that even gods were able to die.

The sand was pleasantly moist beneath his feet, and crumbled easily when he walked over it. He stopped himself beforehand from making any allusions to humans and their fragile nature, and moved on.