Note: I am not condoning porn, or any illegal material on the Internet, with this. Rather, I am venting about over-zealous filtering software.

Rant About Internet Filters

As prudent surfers often do
A filter I installed
In hope that it would keep out stuff
I didn't want to see
But little did I know
How picky it could be
Until the day I tried to view
A site on dogs and all I got
Was a screen that said
"ACCESS DENIED! Contains restricted language"
"What the hell?" I thought as I checked
What my trusty filter had to say
Sure enough, in black and white
I saw the word "bitch"
In a list of words that
Alerted the filter and stopped me from viewing
Any sites containing them
Oh shit! Bitch also means "female dog"
But the filter can't tell the difference so
It blocks it anyway
That does it! The filter will have to go
And, if I find a dodgy site in future
It's back to the good old Back button