Shadow Dreams or Reality
Shadows loom in the night
Yet love solves my fright
Darkness calms my soul
Even when there is a thunder roll
The Sky looms over me
Darker than the Black Sea
You think this a sorrowful event
But I am rather intent
For I see that shadow has an end
And till the conclusion I will defend
The Dark black shadows
That blacken all the streams and meadows
I preach to this with all love
And hope that the sky above
Gives me power
To show you that Shadows can tower
Over anything
And over everything
The shadows are my fate
This I do not hate
As I see the black tides
And I see how the shadow rides
I understand the mountain
And Drink from its clear fountain
I run and hide from all
And stay there till all falls
Because I love the darkness
I always will I have to confess
Because it over powers me
And it towers over me
I see no rest in light
But only in the blackest of night
I see that I live for black
What is that I lack.?

The love for light
This is not right
I don't understand my life
It is darker and sharper than a knife
It is scattered about me
But yet it is me, Free
Open to your Thoughts;
Your kind thoughts.
I see the dusk of which I am fond
Of, but then I miss the mornings dawn
Hiding in the last shadows cast
But I know they won't last
In this world of dark and light
I know I can fix it right
Or can I?
No matter I turn my eyes towards the Sky
And wonder.
And my thought wander
Why am I different?
So dark but I can't take the hint
That life is much more,
Than the mountain ore
Or common grass
Or how slow or fast
Life has no value
But on the ideas and thoughts to
Satisfy my hungry eager mind
But this is hard to find
In this day of age
Where life is lived in a cage
This is all seen
All thought up in a dream
My thought taking me everywhere
Showing me the unfair
Yet I am accused as a daydreamer
Some one with no dreams
For my future
Or that I am not mature
For who I am I should
Have been better because I could
But is life really about the light of day
Or is it the shadows of the night's fade
I live and breathe this
I very seldom miss
The event of the dusk
The end of the beginning;
The beginning of the end
The new shadows to get lost in
The new path to win
The new love to be found
And the making of new sound.
Ringing in the air, black and thin
Opening the box and through the rim.
I see the dawn breaking in the window
I open my eyes
To see my destiny
In a dream I have found my passion
And thoughts I have had never considered
As a real thing
Come open to me and
Apparent to me
That they where there in the shadows
Of my

Recalled from a dream I have had.