"The Heart of the Night"
by H. Rose

my mind embraces the morning
it's pastel luminescence
and soothing melodies
but my heart belongs to the night

its wild chantings
and ever changing shadowscapes
in indigo cerulean and obsidian tones

the sound of my paws
padding racing swiftly through the forest
nearly silent all is still
i rule i own i simply am

a creature of night
a child of darkness
akin to shadows
when the were-moon is full and high

my soul yearns wistfully
for a companion, someone to confide in
on my unending unerring hunts

the blood light incandescent in my mercury eyes
and warm red on my breath
stalking, coming ever closer closer ever

closing in for the kill
my blood sings in ecstasy
my nose quivers erratically
bringing odors reminiscent
of hunts of yester-moons

but the sun begins to rise
night is over dawn is breaking

my mind embraces the morning in all its
in it's light and radiant splendor
welcoming freedom from my primitive rapacious desires

but my heart is breaking
torn wrenched from my heaving chest
for it belongs only to the night