~My Last Prayer~

Flashes of light
Too scared to fight
And you were still holding me in the dark cold night
Too weak to win
Now we begin
To see the awful fear within
So close yet so far
Inside the front set of this small car
Now I close my eyes tight
And say my good-byes; hope it will last till morning's light.
Oh Lord, if I do not wake

My soul please take to were it's safe among the clouds
I feel my true love's tears while he was praying to god that I won't die.
I'm laying here growing cold and numb as my mind races.
His crying I could hear even though I was slowly dying.
I'm afraid I won't make it; still he begs me to hold on.
Even though I know I'll soon be gone
I do not want to leave the people I love,
But my soul must take flight with the doves
So to heaven I must go, towards the bright light
till my gracious Lord is in my sight
and I'll be embraced in peace forever more...