Wake Me Up Inside

How can you see my soul and my self?
How do you know me in the way that you do?
Human nature. My nature. Your nature.
I never believed we were all one until now.
One and the same. Two are the same.

You've saved me from the ghost I was becoming.
The ghost of what I was and what I could have been.
I was living a lie, and failing at it.
I thought I'd died, decayed and rotted away.
Until I heard you say that shrouds don't have pockets.

Forget the paint analogy. All analogies
I've left the past behind and you've given me a future.
Because we are all one, and he understood that.
He understood me. Like I thought nobody could.
Thank you. A thousand thanks in every tongue.

Crypt doors thrown open, entering my soul.
Light penetrating dust and rust and misplaced trust.
Blinded by the light but not so blind as in the dark.
You've taught me I am not special but I am unique.
Thank you, thank me, for my karma brought me to this.