A/N: My English teacher gave me an assignment to write an essay about overcoming an obstacle. This is what I churned out. He's still at the psychiatrist.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Sometimes, however, that important meal can become a fight for survival. Especially when one is attempting to eat one of the most dangerous foods in the world: Grapefruit. This is my story.

When I opened the refrigerator that fateful November morning, I had no inkling of the conflict that was soon to ensue. But as I searched the shelves hoping for breakfast, I felt it's non-existent eyes following me. Finally realizing that there was no alternative, I reluctantly removed it from its refrigerated prison. Little did I know that in doing so, I was setting free evil in its purest form. In skinning the creature there was no difficulty. I could tell it was biding its time, waiting silently for one wrong move. Then the moment arrived. I braced myself, then plunged my fork into its flesh. The grenade of pulp fired its sour projectiles directly into my eyes. From my mouth issued a cry of pain, followed by a string of profanities unrepeatable here. I fell to the ground, my eyes on fire. As I rolled around on the floor, I cursed the day God had created such a villainous fruit. I could hear its laughter of triumph ringing in my ears. It knew it had won! I had to find some way to stop its reign of terror over innocent breakfasters like myself. If only...

In order to overcome this obstacle, I had to use every ounce of cunning I possessed. I ran to my parent's room and stole my father's raincoat. They stayed out of my way, perhaps knowing how I was going to fight the battle of my life, or perhaps thinking that I had finally snapped altogether. I then ran to our poolside and took my old goggles from the pool toys box, which also contained my water-wingys. I left the water-wingys behind. Finally prepared to face my arch-nemesis once more, I walked into the dining room and sat down. A long staring match began. I blinked first, which surprised neither of us because grapefruits, as I've already said, don't have eyes. I slowly picked up the fork and held it just above the grapefruit, and said in a whisper only the two of us could hear, "Nemo me impune lassetit.*". I then stabbed the evil fruit once more, and was promptly covered in its sour blood. But thanks to my protective garments, I was safe to eat breakfast. And so my ordeal was over. I had finally won.

Overcoming this obstacle has inspired many people to stop living in terror of the grapefruit, and to begin eating breakfast again. This taught me that whenever you set your mind to something, when you are determined, you could accomplish anything. You can even eat a grapefruit. I believe that obstacles were created to specifically teach us how to survive the small things and even the big things. If you quit, then you may end up eating cheerios for breakfast every day for the rest of you life (I mean that both figuratively and literally.). All that is required to succeed is determination and perseverance. And goggles.

* "Nemo me impune lassetit"- Latin "No one hurts me without paying for it."