This poem is about.. erm.. selfishness? [duh] Guilt? Whatever... Inspired by a drawing made by my good friend/ master/ step-mother [don't ask]: tsuruchi! And if you've got the time, please read her works on Yami no Matsuei in .. Thanx! Please r/r, c/c deeply appreciated! ^_^




Yet vivid

You, falling into an abyss

Yet I just stood there


An angel

With broken wings

Bruised and bleeding

And now

Through a gap

In this crowded street

There you were

Sitting with your broken wings

As raindrops began to fall

Time stopped as you lifted your face

To stare at me with blank eyes

Once filled with happiness




Is this what I did to you?

I had let you fall

For me to rise

I backed away

And I ran

And ran, and ran

But I knew

That I could never escape

From the guilt of my selfishness.