It was a warm summer day and two parakeets stood on a perch in a birdcage that was underneath the shade of a tall pine tree. The senior parakeet in the cage was the green one, known as Lin, the other parakeet was blue and was known as Squeaky.

Squeaky gave Lin a look that was the equivalent of 'How you doing? *nods head and waggles eyebrows*'.

Lin gave him a cold, hard stare.

This was not the way Squeaky thought it would go. He began to panic. Parakeet instinct kicked in suddenly and Squeaky started to perform his part of the parakeet mating ritual.

The parakeet mating ritual is very simple. The male will do a series of jerking movements while making ticking and squeaking sounds. When the male is finished, the female is then suppose to preen the male's neck feathers.

Squeaky bobbed his head up and down enthusiastically while making squeaking and ticking sounds. Finally his part of the ritual was complete. He looked expectantly at Lin.

Lin gave him a cold, hard stare.

Maybe if he held out his neck, she'll take the hint. But no, that would be like putting his neck on the chopping block. Faced with no other option other then waiting, Squeaky starts to panic. Say something, ANYTHING. Thoughts like these zoomed, no, moved moderately fast (a parakeet's thought process isn't very fast) through his mind. His beak opened and closed a couple of times but all he could manage was 'Err.' Receiving no farther instructions from his brain, Squeaky's body started to do the mating ritual again. He realized this with a detached disgust.

There was a slam of a door; Squeaky saw Adam walk out of the house and towards the birdcage. Adam's arrival to Squeaky was similar to the manifestation of a piece of driftwood to a drowning man in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Adam opened the birdcage and extended his forefinger towards Lin, but at the last second changed his mind and moved the finger towards Squeaky. Squeaky eagerly hopped on. Adam then moved his finger towards his shoulder and the parakeet jumped on. He walked inside, as he did so Squeaky turned his head and looked at Lin. Lin was still giving him that cold, hard stare. He shuddered.

Adam walked upstairs to his room where he placed the parakeet on his windowsill. Adam's room was very plain; there were no posters or decorations. His room contained a desk, which was covered with bits of paper, writing utensils and paperclips. Protruding from the mess was the monitor of Adam's computer and in a little clearing in front of it was the keyboard. There was a bed with a little stand beside it, which held a radio, alarm clock and a lamp. Built into the wall was a walk-in-closet with a mirror sliding door.

Squeaky looked out the window. One word occupied his entire mind. "FREEDOM". He looked around and the coast was clear; Adam was out of the room. He took a deep breath and leapt. Squeaky hit the plane of glass with a noise like a piece of meat falling off four stories and hitting the concrete pavement below. He slid down the glass and landed in a heap back on the ledge. He hit the glass with enough force to knock himself out.

Adam was downstairs in the kitchen; he was looking for his notebook. Unfortunately his mother was in the kitchen as well, brewing up some godforsaken drink consisting of fourteen different kinds of berries, milk and sugar. The sound of the blender was deafening. Adam spotted his notebook; it was lying on the table behind his mother. He walked slowly, trying not to make any noise. His mother added more cranberries. His stomach turned in revulsion, but he was almost at the table. Crump. He looked down and saw that he had trodden on a paper bag; his eyes widened in terror and he automatically dived behind a chair. The blender was still on and his mother didn't hear a thing, she continued to throw berries into the mix. Adam scrambled onto his feet, grabbed his notebook and got the hell out of the kitchen. He didn't stop running until he reached his room.

Parakeets are tough little birds so Squeaky didn't suffer too much damage from his encounter with the plane of glass. He came too about two minutes after he knocked himself out. When he opened his eyes he saw stars. He unsteadily got up on his feet and walked back and forth on the ledge, trying to look for a gap in the plane of glass. After a couple of minutes' worth of searching he gave up his hunt and just stared out the window.

Adam stumbled into his room; he locked the door behind him and put his back against it. That was a very close call. Last week his mother had him drinking some kind of apple and carrot paste. He winced at the memory of it. When his heart stopped pounding so hard, Adam went and sat on his bed. He booted up his computer and checked his e-mail. There was nothing but junk mail in his inbox. He shut down the computer and pulled a dog-eared book out from under his bed. With the book in one hand he went to the window ledge and got Squeaky to jump onto his shoulder. He then walked back to his bed, lied down and started to read while Squeaky ran across his chest making ticking sounds.

Squeaky ran happily back and forth across Adam's chest. But out of the corner of his eye, he spots what appears to be another parakeet. Excited at this new prospect, he leapt off Adam's chest and ran towards the other parakeet. The other parakeet seems to have spotted him as well and was also running towards him. Both Squeaky and the other parakeet stopped at the same moment right before they were going to collide. Squeaky gave the other parakeet a greeting chirp and the other parakeet gave his greeting chirp at the exact same time as Squeaky. Squeaky moved closer to the other parakeet and it did the same. Squeaky cocked his head in puzzlement, so did the other parakeet.

Feeling Squeaky leaping off his chest, Adam sat up to see where he went. He found Squeaky in front the sliding mirror door of his closet looking puzzled. The little parakeet darted along the mirror chirping and pecking at his reflection.

Squeaky was really freaked out now; it appears that the other parakeet can read his mind because it copied his movements at the exact moment when he performs the movement. Squeaky tried reasoning with it but it said the same things he did. Squeaky became increasingly more frustrated and finally he snapped and started attacking the other parakeet. He tried to peck at its chest but its beak met his beak and so the blow was deflected. Squeaky feinted left, the other parakeet did the same thing. The fight went on with Adam watching with an amused expression. Squeaky was getting tired, but he could see that his opponent was too. He just had to hold on a little longer and wear out his opponent.

Adam decided that letting Squeaky fight his reflection isn't exactly good for Squeaky so he reached down and tried to grab him.

Squeaky saw Adam's hand coming towards him; he dodged it easily. "What's this?" He thought. "Is he trying to stop me from obtaining victory over the other parakeet?" Adam's hand came again and Squeaky dodged it again. "I am not going to let him take my victory!" thought Squeaky grimly, "It seems that I have to eliminate him as well." When the hand came again, he jumped at it and bit Adam's thumb.

"Ow!" Adam screamed. He pulled back his hand from the parakeet but it was latched onto his thumb like a limpet to its rock. The pain in his thumb was overwhelming. He flapped his hand up and down in an effort to dislodge the angry little bird.

Squeaky hung onto Adam's thumb. He was slipping. This is not good for Squeaky. If he is flung he might hit a wall and get severely injured. He quickly formulated a plan. On an upward flap of Adam's hand, He let go and used the height to glide down toward Adam's bed.

Adam looked at his wounded thumb. It was amazing that the skin did not break, although there were two deep grooves where Squeaky's beak had been just a moment ago. He spotted movement on his bed. So that's where he got to. Keeping his eyes trained on the bed, Adam reached into his closet and pulled out a pair of heavy work gloves. He put them on.

Squeaky stared at Adam; it appears that he is reaching into his closet to get something. Adam pulled out another pair of hands; Squeaky watched in fear as he put them on. Adam came towards him. Squeaky tensed his leg muscles, ready to spring.

Adam proceeded cautiously towards Squeaky. There was a thud. Adam looked down to see that he knocked over a pile of library books. Squeaky pounced. Adam looked up in time to see a blue bullet speeding towards his face at a very fast speed. He sidestepped just in time.

Squeaky missed his target and sped onwards with no way of stopping. He spotted the other parakeet speeding towards him. He extended his wings to try and alter his course but there wasn't enough distance or time to do so. Squeaky and his reflection collided.


Once again Squeaky knocks himself out.

Upon hearing the sound of the collision, Adam rushed over and knelt beside Squeaky's limp, unconscious body. He picked Squeaky up carefully and laid the little parakeet on his palm. The little bird was still breathing. There is still hope. He must get Squeaky to a vet! As quickly as he could, he got down stairs, put Squeaky in an old shoebox and started to put on his sneakers. While tying the laces of his second sneaker he heard a faint, barely audible chirp from the shoebox. He took the lid off the shoebox and peered inside. Squeaky was standing up and inspecting his new surroundings. Adam reached in and tried to stroke the parakeet's feathers. Squeaky bit him. He bit him hard. Adam pulled back his hand quickly and Squeaky gave him a dirty look.

Ah ha! Squeaky saw Adam draw back his hand quickly and he saw his chance to escape. The short cardboard box stood no chance against a parakeet's jumping ability and he cleared the box easily. He made a break for the kitchen table. The table legs and the numerous chairs would provide cover for him while he hid from his pursuer.

Adam examined his finger carefully and decided that he'll live. He quickly ran up stairs to his room and retrieved the gloves that he had taken out earlier. He slipped them on immediately and rushed downstairs to find that damnable little bird.

Squeaky risked detection and took a peek from behind the chair leg. No one in sight. He took up a new position behind the sofa. Squeaky wasn't the shiniest penny in the wishing well but he slowly formulated a battle plan. This one's going to be a devil to pull off.

A mirror attached to a pencil with a piece of gum appeared around the corner of a wall. The hand holding this device was wearing heavy-duty working gloves. Adam squinted at the reflection in the mirror. Hmm. There was still no sign of the little parakeet. Adam didn't like this. It was quiet, almost too quiet. He crept silently along the wall. There was no sound except for the occasional rustle of the legs of his jeans brushing against each other. Half way along the wall he spotted Squeaky. The little parakeet was just standing there with a looked in his eyes that dared Adam to chase him. He turned quickly and ran. Adam gave chase.

Yes! The foolish boy took the bait! Squeaky ran swiftly towards the table. He took a glance over his shoulder; the boy was almost on him. Perfect. Squeaky darted into the forest of chair legs. Adam was running in an inverted "L" shape so he could grab Squeaky, and he ran right into the edge of the table. He briefly saw stars and then hit the hard tiled floor with an "umph".

Squeaky couldn't believe his eyes. The plan worked! It actually worked! He ran towards the boy, who was now lying with his back against the floor, holding his nose and groaning. Squeaky leap lightly on to Adam's chest and walked confidently towards his neck. This was ideal; the boy was holding his nose, leaving his neck and jugular unprotected. Squeaky stood over the neck of his fallen opponent like a gladiator waiting for the emperor's judgement. It was time for the "coup de grace". He stood back a little and tried to practice swinging his beak in an arc. After a couple of practice swings, Squeaky felt as ready as he'll ever be. He took a step forward and brought his beak up high to swing. He swung.

Adam opened his eyes and saw his mother standing over him, she held a squirming Squeaky in her left hand. Terror flushed through his veins, because in her other hand, his mother was holding a HUGE glass of something purple with weird chunks of white and orange. His mother was smiling, that usually wasn't a good sign. The back of his throat felt as if someone scraped it with sandpaper, he ran his dry tongue over his lips and swallowed nervously.

His mother smiled. "Ah, Adam, do you want some of this delicious juice?" She offered the glass to him. "Just finished blending it a minute ago."

Adam forced himself to grin and stared in horrified fascination at the glass.