Every minute wasteing

sitting here waiting

for a dream

that never comes to rescue me

from this horrid life

that many tell me

isn't all that bad.

Well I've seen

about every point

and now all I have left

is my own.

I'm on my way

to be by myself

to travel on a lonely road.

Only this time

actually moving my legs.

Instead of using my powers

to slave away

to a repetitive day

filled with chores

hiding away from the voices

that haunt my head

even when I sleep

I talk to myself

just endless blabber

of every little thing

that happened to me.

Pouring down

like a mountain

coming fast

like a train

my life can't be stopped

I know I can feel

Destinys hand

holding my shoulder

letting me see inside

what I can really do.

Far off lands

as far as my own eyes can see.

Its like seeing my whole life

riddled with thousands of endless roads.

One way will definately end

but not while I'm still here

to remember it all.

Because my soul

is purely free

born a flying dove

and nothing else.

Everyday I sing

of sweet freedom

wrestling in the grass

their scent intoxicates

my every sense and notion

flushing down the drain.

Every explanation

I've ever been told

spins and turns,

rushing all down the drain.

Now I have to start all over,

even with cuts and bruises

I still manage to walk

strutting a silent confidence

feeling my heart

skipping a thousand beats.

Moving up and down

my thoughts go.

I know it hurts me so

to get crushed again.

But my mangeled corpse,

manages to throw on,

a nice thought,

to stop me from going insane.

Calming me down

the voice I bless so much,

thank god for it

its my only control

it must be gods angels

gently patting down upon my head.

Whispering sensual dreams

longing to find inside my heart

they find it always.

When it all

comes crashing down to it

I realize it is me

and only me

that can truly save myself

from losing control.

Thank god for this life I have

if only you were here now

to know how I feel,

who or whatever you are

if only you knew

how much of my life

revolves around you

like a merry go round.

Your eyes do seem to follow me

yet you never lend a hand.

Guess its only fair,

that your powers,

are far too great to help,

me and only me.

Soon I realize

how lucky I really am.

As much as it pains,

for me to say,

sometimes being positive

is the best blessing I have,

yet I feel it as a curse,

for making me so calm

and so sedated.

Hiding me away

from all whom I love.

Please give me a reason

lend a little prayer

angels above

or whatever you are

Give me

and everyone else

the strength to move on.

We need your forever love

my poor pale eyes,

deserve your treasures

shimmering a wonderful light.

Suddenly my heart stings

with every tick and tock

all human hearts skip a beat,

shattering down,

lost and crying dreams.

All one big lie.

We all keep wishing

for one big truth

to awaken us

from this dreary slumber

of death and confusion.

But so far

we all continue to sit

wasteing away,

waiting and waiting

for your glorious return.

Reaching out into the sky,

begging for that sweet dream,

to be realized.