Douse my skin with kerosene
Letting flames dance on my back
Sparks are flying from my eyes
Watch me quiver, light and breathless
As I feel so nervous, restless
Underneath the wave of heat
From the ashes, rise above all
And as soon as I'm complete
I'll illuminate this world
Prancing glow spreads on my face
Honey eyes smiling so wicked
Burning red, the blood has boiled
Taste the sun, and so I lick it
Dripping, melting, evaporating
Stars are eyes that now are fading
Blazing chaos comes upon me
Bickering flames here,
They surround me
And my life, a torch
Heart beat stopping
Fire tongues speak of reprisal
Peeling off the crusting layer
And what's left will rise above all
Undermine the holy prayer
And my soul, a vessel
In the magma of existence
With each breath, increase the distance
Between me and this confusion
Bring me closer to the flames
And I'll burn in my illusion...