/Authors Notes: This is a collection of short stories by me. Enough said. Every time I get a new idea, I'll just add to this./


"Dang-nabbed kids, goin' roun' an' ruinin' stuff an' crashin' into my mail box..." grumbled old Oliver Jenkins, the lone resident of number 5 Lullaby Lane. "I tell-um, I tell-um all the time, them kids shoul'n't be able to drive till they eigh'-teen!" He attempted to right the mail box that had fallen down when some high-school kids had crashed into and run off.

"Gramp's, you're not supposed to strain yourself," said a bossy, southern accented voice behind him. Patricia Jenkins glared at her grandfather with her serious brown eyes, even the reddish hair in the long pony-tail flapping behind her seeming cross. "Pa didn't drop me off right here in the middle of nowhere just so that my grampa could break his back and me have all the blame."

"Middle of nowhere!" said Oliver in a amazement. "Well, excuse me if y'all are too used to New Orleans to come an visit ya' dying gramps a few towns away."

"Gramp-pa..."groaned Patricia.

"Anyway, like I was saying to ya', Patty, eigh'-teen!" Oliver Jenkins got into rambling mode and Patty just went down and righted the mail-box for him, looking inside.

"And they stole you're mail, too! All you've got here is a book."

"A wha'?" wheezed Oliver.

"Oh, I forgot, you were born before writing was invented."

"No time for ya' wise-mouth jokes, youn' lady. I know wha' a book is. Whats is called?"

The faded red cover of the book had 'The Ides of Time' written on it in light golden lettering.

"That's interesting. The ides of march are the new moon of march, aren't they? I learned that in english class, studying Shakespeare," said Patty slowly, squating down on the ground and starting to flip through the pages.

"No, that be full moon of March," corrected Oliver, but not in his usual tone. He was engrossed in the book as well.

"Should we read it?"

"Wha' do ya' normally do with a book, child? Rea' it!" The two seperate generations became one, for just a few hours, and they read alloud the many stories in the faded red-covered book.