She didn't want to move. She closed her eyes and held her breath, willed her heart to stop. Concentrating, she forced the blood in her veins to stop flowing, and finally she was absolutely still. But not frozen because all her willful concentration could not stop the heat in her face and stomach from pulsing. The moment was hot, still, and by degrees, relaxed.
She lay in his bed, in the bed of this boy whose hand had crept under her shirt to wrap loosely around her stomach. His other arm lay extended under her neck. Unlike the other, who always enveloped her, swallowed her with his hugeness, this one hid his lanky body behind hers. He used her thin frame as a protection against the world, pressed the top of his head between her shoulder blades.
There were others in the room, and the room was loud. His friends, her friends, all gathered in this small room, laughing. They took no notice of the pair in the bed who were apparently asleep. Some thought to themselves how nice it was, that the two were such good friends.