Change In The Season
Old box of memories shine on the wall
Your shadow's waving above me
Flashback on better days
You shared my soul
Don't know if you're thinking of me
You looked so proud of yourself
But then you never can tell
You know I just can't tell from these memories
What's goin' on
I just can't remember that clearly
I see ashtrays and paperbacks
Coffee and dreams
I hear someone cryin'
But I can't really see
You made me proud of myself
But I only remember too well
There's been a change in the season
There's been a change in you
Isn't it strange to you
You've got to give me a reason
Oh what am I to do?
Then again, poor you
Damn all these memories
I don't wanna see
Your shadow fading away
I still have dreams about you
And I always will
'Cause there's so many things left
That I never got to say
I saw your face in the sky
It was the third of July

Copyright 1990
Lead Vocal: Mark