People Laugh. (A/N: The most beautifull song on the CD, realy emotional)
There's a man who's just a fraction of the man he used to be
Knows he won't last very long
'Cause the shadow in his body has taken all that he can see
And it's so hard to be strong
So hard to be strong
Another man makes people laugh in a room filled with smoke
He's got them all in his hands
Then he talks about the victims like it's nothing more than a joke
And I don't understand
People laugh while people cry
Do we ever stop to wonder why
Talkin bout somebody's life
People people cry
There's a man who has to share his death with those who gave him life
Now it's a life cut in half
His bed is like a prison though he's done nobody wrong
Tell me ain't that a laugh?
Is it really so easy to kick a man that's down
'Cause he don't live his life like you do?
Do you really think the hand of God would make such a sound?
Tell me do you think that's true?
I don't believe that everybody is to blame
But if we do nothing then we're one and the same
One and the same
People laugh as if the dead and gone had never really died
Is it really so impossible to find some compassion inside?
You know we're talking bout somebody's life
People people die

Copyright 1990
Lead Vocal: Kipp