Would Your Angel Rapist Do The Same?

So I asked you how would you feel?
And you replied you'd die, you would,
If they killed you child. You swore it.

So I thought on this and thought on you.
It's not my child, it's his, the angel prince.
With his blonde charm and rapists ways.

I can't help that now, that you were in love.
I have a decision to make, they think it's mine
Well they would, I love you, more than life...

I do. I really do. So tomorrow I think I die.
That was your last kiss from me, last goodbye.
I'll tell them it's mine, and then they'll kill me.

Is this my last sunrise? Perhaps. For you.
My life for your child's life, so you may live.
You did mean it. Didn't you? Really mean it?

You'll come back to find this last love letter.
You'll go mad with grief. But tell them it's mine,
So I didn't die for , have your child.

Would your rapist archangel prince do the same?