Xecron, a land rich with diffrent environments. From dessert lands, past mountainous rock formations and ice caps into lush jungle environments and endless grasslands. A world riddled with marshes, mazes, and what world would be complete without monsters? A boring one is all ^.^

Once Xecron was populated by a huge tribe. One thousands in number and this tribe was actually made up of all the human life forms of the world. Xecron was also home to several gods of local origin. Corruption grew amongst the tribe sha-man though, as would be expected to happen in a centralized government with varied beliefs. Finally the disagreement between sha-man grew to a hatred between the gods themselves. Finally it came to a celestial war. Mass numbers of land, people and creatures were destroyed. Finally, before the world was destroyed, the gods split apart to own separate celestial realms and their tribes were moved to different parts of the landscape and most even evolved to fit their new lifestyles and many still conflicted with each other, as their gods were natural rivals.

bThe Kengambo Tribe/b

The Kengambo; or as they are better know the land pirates. When all the god where fighting and the tribe was starting to break apart at the seems these indominable spirits decided none of it was worth it and struck out to reside in the vast, lush, humid jungles around the center of Xecron's one known continent. The Kengambo are utterly godless and make their fortune from plundering, pillaging and generally causing utter chaos for all those with one. You see most wars take place on either side of the jungle and in order for anyone to get through they must either pass through the jungle and risk raid or spend several days going around only to risk ambush by the Kengambo or missing the enemy advance altogether, at which point any base would be at risk.

The Kengambo do have a culture. It consist mostly of a love of all things lavishing, or atleast the most high class things avalible to a pirate. Mostly colourful beads, various forms of leather or general fabric. This culture does believe in 'marking',yet it posesses a teal blue or "godless roan" as it is called. They dress...like pirates. No parrots. Also, as they reside in the jungle, the land pirates control most spices and the best sources of food, so victims may offten come into their grasp that way. There are three main definitions for the Kengambo culture though, other than being godless. They get to ride CanopySails! Yes they are the bad board boys of the jungle! Wooden raft-like boards with a fabric sail glide you along the canopy (hence why they're called CanopySails) are your true claim to fame. Often pieces of track get burned to prevent ambush but their ramps are hidden well into the leaves. The third is that they tend to hire themselves out in war as mercenaries.

bThe Raoichi Tribe/b

The Raoichi, warriors by nature, and all have tan skin, tanned by the sun that breathed life to their grassland home. Each had a unique set of markings to identify them from each other. They hold the mark colour of Royal Blue or "War Blue". Unlike the other tribes they did not fall into turmoil amongst themselves and have yet to do so. It is only on the battlefields that their legendary ferocity is evident. While they are not an unkind people, they were a warlike people, and are constantly in conflict with the surrounding areas. Particularly their rivals the Zenshi. Rivals who still hold a black hearted bitterness for being banished to the high risen grottos just to the north of the grass lands. From here they still plot and seek battle, which the Raoichi are more than ready for.

Culturally the Raoichi are not too varied from what you would expect of a grassland dweller. They are dressed in what could be called classic Arabian style, simple clothes, nothing special. By decoration they have braids and silver ornaments. Men and women hold different ranks in the society and there fore have variations of these items. Children have their hair in one solid braid with no ornaments. Low-ranking members, like apprentices, have one small braid with a silver bead on the end.. more braids = more rank.

They dwell in low to the ground homes with tunnels underground which cris cross and lead to the different builds of the settlement. The Raoichi hold their animal allegiance to the CreagFlight. A very large fox, cousin to the wargs of the Inekarial, which boasts several tails and the keenest eyes on Xecron. They can be ridden at great speeds over the grassland and are incredibly loyal to any Raoichi educated enough to tame them.

bThe Inekarial/b

The Inekarial are, despite being similar in habit, the supreme enemy of the Kengambo. In fact, if one were to ask about, there would not be high numbers of tribes or individuals who could boast they were on terribly good terms with these nomadic and truly unpredictable characters. Shady as they are it takes the documentation of them ever since the split of the tribes to understand the make-up of their culture.

Wild warriors who stand tall, are slight of build and have evolved larger, pointed ears which enable them incredible hearing, yet which they enjoy piercing to pieces. The Inekarial are heavily into tattooing and are fond of elaborate masks, usually baring the tribal colour of sheer sable. They dress in fine fabrics (making them a target for Kengambo if separated from the group) or sometimes furs. These lithe creatures can not so much be called a tribe as within their race they divide into separate parties which seem always in tactical maneuver; as if always in contact with each other despite each having a different "commander".

As the Inekarial are constantly in motion the Inekarial are masters of camouflage and silence. They're goddess, Inekar, being that of wind and the hunt explains why the Inekarial are so close to feral. Rather "gypsy-like" in their ways they tend to have what other tribes would consider an excess of worship rituals and holidays, which co-inside with their free spirit...let's just say. Their animals companions are the cousins of the CreagFlights, the ever popular Warg.

bThe Zenshi Tribe/b

The Zenshi! A corrupt tribe to say the least. Even after the split of the tribes the Raoichi and Zenshi were the same tribe since Raoichi and Zenshi (The god of war and the goddess of shadow) are twins. However, during a Raoichi lead battle with the Inekarial, back before the Inekarial were official nomads and when the Inekarial desired to have the windy grassland as there territory, the original Zenshi saw that the Inekarial had a clear cut advantage over them. The Zenshi attempted to separate from their companions and join the Inekarial...this backfired at the underestimation of the Inekarial commanders pride. He refused them and the Raoichi, not liking to be betrayed, forced the Zenshi back from the battle fields and, after forming a very temporary truce with the Inekarial, pushed the Zenshi all the way back to the grotto's of the mountain and have kept them there. The hearts of the Zenshi have thus grown black and their rivalry with the Raoichi has become legendary

The Zenshi are probably the best race on Xercon to abide by their stereotypes. Most of them are rather hunched over, sneaky and treacherous. They tend to be thin for the lack of food around the grottos and rather shifty looking. Shifty eyed, pale skinned, black haired and blue eyed. They own the colour of true crimson for their markings and are generally handy with knives. Other than black dress and crawling about their homes which lay carved in the grotto caves they have almost no culture. They simply try to escape the grotto and replace themselves out in the world by any means necessary.

More to come including many more tribes and likely a bestiary when I'm done it...