The Beginning

In another continent, somewhere only known by mages, a hierarchy rules the land. They kept up with times, having all the electronic devices we know today, but they're still somehow stuck in medieval. No one ever complained about the slowness of transportation or communication. Sometimes they would go online and play, saying they were from the U.S. They didn't have to pay the bill for electricity; mages took care of that, though they still paid taxes, but at a reasonable price.

Every body there, of course, had at least a drop of magic in their blood. The royal family was one of the few families with very powerful magic. By the age of 3, they had to put a fourth of their magic into a gem or stone they chose. Doing that they prevented accidental blow-ups from using too much magic at once on small tasks.

On one of the countries, Plorin it was called, a teenage girl-mage, wearing breeches and a common shirt, practices fighting in a meadow. She did kicking, punching, and a complicated pattern of footsteps, while her horse was grazing nearby, all were bunched up into a tranquil scene. A mile away stood a large castle. Surrounding it were little villages, and towns.

The teenager stops, wipes the sweat off her head and then leaps on to her horse and races home as the sun began its long climb down. She galloped past the huts, through alleys and along streets. There were many houses, all with different scenery around them. A girl around the age of 12 stood waiting at the door of a nearby house.

"What took you so long, Kal?" asked the little girl, using the nickname for her sister, Kalora.

"Well, Takoy…" said the older sister using the pet name, for Takourin, her little sister.

"Let me guess…you got carried away again?"


"Thought so. Let's go, it's already lunch."

The two sisters walked inside the house. A table sat in front of the two. On it sat two plates that held PB and J sandwiches and two glasses of milk. Kal and Takoy seated across from each other and began to eat while chatting about the day's affairs.

Picking up one of the many little triangular sandwiches, Takoy said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you but we've received an invitation to the Royal Palace." Then as if something ticked off in her head, she started to act like the child she used to be. "There's going to be a feast! Can you believe that, sis? There will be entertainment, and all these yummy foods! I can't wait! Please say you'll come. Triston says he's coming, and he's usually the one in our family that never goes to parties."

"Yeah okay, if it pleases you that much." She sighed to herself saying, "If only mom and dad were here. I can just see them getting all fussed up over what to wear, and how we should act in a banquet."

When lunch was over, the two went out and walked over to a shop where their brother, Triston, was apprenticed to a blacksmith. After a day of hard work the three walked back together, discussing the upcoming event. When they got home, they each took turns taking showers. Once they were done they all headed out to the castle on their horses.

Upon arriving they saw lovely designs and architecture that were done on the building. They left their horses with the stable boys and walked the rest of the way. Two soldiers stood by the open door. In the corridor there were many lovely tapestries hanging on the walls. Each decoration was done with great concentration by the village people and then bought by the royal crown.

The large hallway was crowded with rich, and important people. Kalora wondered why the king of all people, would invite them to the castle. They didn't have any money, and they weren't even close to important. They were what most lords would call lowly peasants.

Finally the doors to the dining room were open. Entering the room, they walked on a nice laid out rug. Its pattern included dragons and griffins piercing clouds as they flew through a moonlit sky. The background was a dark blue with a red border and golden lace for a fringe. Along the walls, tapestries hung, each with their own unique design and telling their own story of myth or legend. The room had a long oak table down the center. It was richly carved with intricate drawings as a border, with chairs matching.

Servers began to come in through doors near the end of the room carrying many delicacies from foreign countries. Acrobats came in from the hallway and performed summersaults in the air with a mixture of cartwheels and twists. Next some trainers with animals came in. They brought tigers and rainbow-colored birds that were perched on their shoulders. Some monkeys skipped onto the stage as well. None of them wore a leash.

Each animal performed his or her own tricks. The trainers just stood back in the shadows looking pleased by the animals' performances.

As the feast went on, the siblings became quite bored by the acts. Kal began to play with the sapphire (that held some of her magic), which she wore, as an earring. She never understood why people had to have such long parties. Meanwhile, across the table, the emerald on Takoy's simple necklace began to glow faintly. Giving the area around it a green radiance. The tablecloth began to quiver, and then settle, except for the area closest to her, which began to form designs. Soon, Takoy designed her own type of entertainment, embroidered figures acting out a play on cloth.

All of a sudden Kal received a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a servant. He gestured for her to follow her. Looking around she notice that other servants began to call a few people too, the majority was still watching the performance. One of them, had to rouse Takoy from her sleep. Triston had already left.

They were all brought back into the hallway, where all but one servant returned to the dining room. The one left, led them through a couple of corridors arriving into a single room. In the center of the room stood a desk, stacked with papers and different little accessories. Behind the desk a fire was blazing comfy in it's very own fireplace. An old man sitting at the desk began to speak, "You fourteen are the most worthy of all to help us bring back what once belonged to our country." At that one sentence, Takoy raised her eyebrow in doubt.

"Our neighboring country, Skarlem, has taken the Mythan Staff. They plan to use its power, and through that, they will be able to control every mythical beast, near of far." Like all the evildoers, same as any novel I read…thought Kal. "We never expected anyone to ever defy the laws of this continent, especially in this period of age. So the king has asked you fourteen to help us win this battle. In return the king will supply you with any weapons, or soldiers needed. When we get back the staff, each of you will be rewarded with land and riches. Do we have a deal?"

Each person looked at one another, not sure of what they would say. Some were shocked at the new findings, others were just simply too excited. In the end, all agreed to join.

Unexpectedly another man came into the room. He walked right up to the old man and they spoke quietly, disagreeing with each other.

"…but we can't afford to…"

"…it's the king's orders, sir…"

"Okay we have come with a conclusion," says the man. "We have news from the king, he has decided that we may only pick 5 of you, the most powerful. He says that the rest of you will be used as reinforcements if we need help."

"Probably, running out of money," mumbled a nearby mage.

"Excuse me," asked a black haired woman, "exactly how will we decide this?"

The man replied, "With a contest, ma'am, a contest."

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