The Dream

A butterfly flew across a creamy landscape. In the middle, of a seemingly never-ending lawn of green grass, stood three trees in a circle. A girl walked over to the trees and stood in the middle. She gazed up to see a single blue orb. It glowed a light azure color and then began to pulse and grow bigger, little by little (really little, and I mean it, it's not like from marble to boulder size giant, more like marble to a ping pong ball in 10 minutes, that's how slow I mean).

A wall of black began to cover the glossy world. Gradually it got closer to the girl and the trees. Meanwhile the girl's eyes were transfixed, staring at the orb above her head. Slowly the view of the scene turned to reveal the girls face. It was Kal!

Back in the non-dream (?) world, Takoy felt her older sister twitch slightly while sleeping. She used some simple magic to light the candles on a nearby desk. They glowed a faint green, matching the emerald on her necklace. The once calm, still face of Kal, began to sweat cold beads of water that dotted along her forehead.

Kal could not control herself in her own dream. It was like she was watching her own body from a different point of view, as if she was someone else, or part of an audience watching a play. Even though she shouted in her mind to tell herself to move, to be cautious of the emerging surrounding blackness, but no matter how she tried, her other self would not budge.

It had been at least an hour since the first of the blackness arrived. The blue orb was already the much bigger than the size of a basketball. Slowly, Kal watched herself rise from the ground and near the globe. Suddenly the girl touched the ball and it rippled like a disturbed pond. Her body was sucked slowly into it. As the dark began to consume the trees, her whole body left with a zip!

Her mind went blank as the dream ended. Then, an image of the castle bedroom appeared in another dream. She was watching herself once again. This time, the girl walked over to a pattern in the wall, right of a cabinet. Just like the others, it was square and carved from wood. She pushed on the lower right corner and a tunnel opened. Crawling through, the view shifted to the girl's eyes. Kal became more satisfied she could use her eyes in her dream, but she still couldn't control her body. Looking up as her body crawled out of the tunnel, she looked through a dusty window and realized it was still night. Before her, a series of stairs led up a winding tower, which she followed. At the top, there was a single jewel sitting upon a chair. Next to it laid a staff, with a bright blue orb resting in the clutches of a wolf's claw.

Kal woke from her dream. She sat up and stared at the wall in front of her. Next to her Takoy stirred and woke up. "What is it, Kal? Is something wrong?"

The teenager got up from bed and walked over to the cabinet. To the right a desk stood, which she shoved aside, curious of what might be hidden behind it. Cautiously she stooped down, and pushed at the bottom right corner, closest to the leg of the desk. A panel creaked aside, and Takoy let out a meager gasp. Slowly, she to got out of her bed to follow her older sister.

They crawled through to find an old room, leading to a series of stairs, which they climbed up, brushing away a couple of old, spider webs here and there. It took longer than Kal expected, and she wondered whether her dream was really true? So far it has been, and that was enough to make her curiosity take over.

Finally they made it to the top, and the night sky was beginning to fade away. The older girl made a turn and they arrived in a room covered in dust. In the center, as expected, was a chair, and upon it was a jewel, big enough to fit into the palm of a child. Beside it was the staff with the wolf's paw and the orb that sat so snuggly in its palm.

As if instinctively, Kal picked up the staff and began to wield it in the air. She stopped and began to examine its structure, feeling every crack and bump. Her finger came upon a slit near the paw. It continued all the way around until it met the place it started. She pulled on the top of the staff and a blade was protruded, with the wooden stick-like part of the staff acting like a sheath. Neither Kal nor Takoy noticed that the blue orb began to provide a steady glow once the older girl had touched it.

While Kal tested her staff around, to see its capabilities, Takoy picked up the gem. At once it began to hover over her hand and produce a green radiance.