Written after heriocally failing in a test =P Didn't want to hand it in too early (lest the teacher seeing my horrible "work"), so I'd time and… scribbled this here. A little depressive, suicidal tendency… o.O" Wasn't in a bad mood, though… dunno why I wrote something like this… *shrugs*

Guardian Angel

© Lexa 04/03

I have seen an angel

No matter if you believe

With beautiful white feathers

He came to extinguish my grief

Caught in sorrow, caught in fear

Caught in my limited mind

So afraid to open my eyes

Afraid of what I'd find

Haunted eyes, wet with tears

My life was nothing but pain

I was ripping myself apart

I don't know if I was insane

My guilt would never leave me alone

Torturing me day and night

Cornering me in deepest darkness

And I gave up the fight

My own shadows hunted me

No single moment of peace

Not knowing if this torment would end

My only wish was release

But then I saw my angel

His look was stealing my breath

He granted me my desire

The angel's name - was death

And like always, I wait for criticism… my English isn't that good, I'm just a stupid student, so tell me what I did wrong, will ya?!