Letting Go

~ ~ ~

My jade eyes shine brighter than anything today.

Today is the day I have to leave you.

As soon as you step into that car, you are lost forever.

I knew I had to let go of you someday,

But did it really have to be today?

You're smiling, I'm crying,

You don't have a clue of what's going on.

You don't know my pain,

You don't know my questions:

Why does everything I love have to leave?

Why are they ripped cruelly from my arms,

From my life?

Why am I alone?

I have worked so hard to keep from being alone.

Now it all seems to be in vain.

Oh..it's almost time for you to go.

Just a little longer, please..

My wish is granted,

And we still sit there in silence.

You don't know what I'm thinking,

What I'm feeling,

And I can't tell you.

Time is up.

You have to go,

And I feel the last piece of my heart being torn from my chest.

But you don't know-

You smile and say "See ya."

That's it.

"See ya."

Nothing else.

So I turn, and as soon as you can't see my face (not that you looked),

I started to cry.

I am alone forever.

~ ~ ~

a/n: It really sucks that I can't tell this person what I feel. It really
sucks that this person can't ever know. And it really sucks that now I'm
alone..because this is actually true. I mean, I'm probably being a drama
queen here, but this is really how I feel.