Forever Dreams
By: CStini

The bleak winter's coat set upon this sleepy town
all must go to sleep for the days ahead
yet here I lay in the comfort of my bed
waiting for all this pain to flee ahead
away from this body and mind of mine
my eyes can not shut through all the constant tries
a breath of cool wind upon m brow
and out appears a fair maiden, floating above me
adorn with japanese pearls and woven pink silks
the shimmer of her flower pendant I see in her jet black hair
grey narrow eyes stare upon my pale stricken face
'Come away with me' she says
'leave your troubles and enter my world of dreams
'Rest in peace my sweet child, come away'
my chest grows faint, cold shivers felt through
she backs beyond the open window
waiting for me...

I step onto my wooden floor, my eyes still hazy and dim
I walk towards this lady of mine beyond the window
I step upon the ledge and gave a courteous bow

my body becomes limp yet I feel myself soar
the wind opn my once pale face to fly to the skies above
as my mortal lifeless body lies in the midst of pines and shrubs