Tears in the Ocean

No one knows the difference
Only I can taste
The distinct flavors
Of the salt of my eyes
Contrasted with the cold
Salt of the water
Washing over my salty skin

Wash it all away
If I could
If I would
Would you notice?
I'd look the same outside

But inside
Maybe more stable
'Little less prone

My heart on a stake
Impaling my lungs
So I can't breath
But I feel too much
And fester
In my open wounds
Of emotional saturation

My number is up
Still playing my hand
Chips are down
Table's cold
I'm burning up
But playin' it cool

Tumultuous innards
Pummel and push
To be liberated
From their cage
Of my cool exterior

I rant and curse
I scream silently
I cry
In heaves
And convulsions
My breathing
Becomes sobbing
Can't stop
Can't let it go

In the purgatory
Of my heavenly front
And internal Hades

Fear grips me
Motivates me
Binds me

Hope lifts me
Drifts me
And drops me
At the edge

Of what?
Of nothing
Of everything
Of me

My foot in the water
I taste the salt
Steel my heart
Dive in

Feel emotions
Flowing in water
In me
Through me
And out

God, out!
Steel melted
Cage broken
I'm down
I'm up

At last.