In a newspaper classified ads:

Wanted: Volunteer subjects for a behavioral experiment. Apply at Rm. 3425, 34th Flr. Aurora Bldg., Haven District, San Angeles.

In a not so busy part of an inner city neighborhood, two young black men sit beside the entrance of their favorite 7-Eleven shop. One of them with a crew cut hair looks intently at the newspaper he is holding. He holds in his hand a red pen to encircle all his prospects. He takes one long look at one ad, bit his lip and encircled it. "This one looks good."

"What? Lemme see that," his friend said. He takes one quick look at the ad. "Man, that is a really posh neighborhood you're going to. And test subject? Are you sure, Bogart?"

"I need something to fall back on before I join the Marines, Stevie. It never hurts to be prepared for..."

"I thought you were going to join the Army?"

"I haven't decided."

Stevie raised his hands in exasperation. "You'll never decide anything. I bet you won't follow through on this one."

Bogart shook his head. "Oh, you don't believe I will?"

"No, I don't," Stevie said confidently. "You want to join the military but you don't want to leave San Angeles. You want to get a job but you don't want to stick around. You want to go out, you want to stay. I tell you, you can't decide."

"Okay, so you're challenging me?"

"Yes, it's about time."

Again, Bogart shook his head. He is in for it now. He can't turn down the challenge. It would paint him a coward. If he went for the military route, he won't be able to back out. Still, eager to prove himself not a coward, he makes his choice. "All right, then. I'm going to apply for this job. And I'm not going to quit."

"Yeesh! And here I thought you were going to be a soldier." And at that, Bogart made a face at his friend.

"What more do you want?" Bogart asked.

"You stay in that job for the entire, what's it say? The entire experiment." Stevie showed a big grin. "Yeah, the entire time."

Whatever the experiment is, Bogart thought it shouldn't last too long.

In another area of San Angeles, specifically the Port Darby district, another residential neighborhood. A lone girl, wearing a uniform for some fastfood restaurant, walks the walk of the lonely. There is a worried expression on her sad face. She makes her way back to her apartment. A little Chinese girl playing with a pogo stick was at the entrance. "Hello, Jane. You're back so early."

She pauses a bit, wondering if she should tell her. Then, she notices her neighbor's family car all packed up and the family who owns it ready to go. She calls out to the matriarch, "Hey, Mrs. Lim, it looks like you've packed everything."

"Oh, Jane. I'm surprised to see you so back home so early," Mrs. Lim replied.

Her face was a bit bashful. Jane was ashamed to say what happened. "Well, trouble at work. The manager let me go early."

"You poor thing."

"Well, it happens." Then Jane looked at the car again. "Where are you guys going?"

Mrs. Lim looked surprised. "Why, we're moving! I was wondering when you would be moving out yourself."

Becoming more suspicious, Jane asked, "Me? Move? What for?"

"You mean you didn't get an eviction notice? But I saw a piece of tape stuck on your door. I thought you had one, too."

Jane went up to her apartment and, indeed, found a piece of tape on her door. A tape which meant that one of her neighbor's dog must have managed to jump and grabbed the notice. It's probably gone and torn so she went to the landlord and asked if it is true that all tenants are being evicted. She finally managed to get a copy of the notice she should have gotten days ago. The date she was supposed to move out: the very next day.

Back in her apartment, she slumped into a chair. Exasperated and absolutely worried about her future, what would she do now? No job and no place to live. Two things she needs at the same time. One fortunate thing, though. She buys her newspaper outside. The dog isn't going to get this one. Ha!

"Let's see what we have here." What there are really aren't much. Credentials, training, interviews and not a lot much of time. Her prospects for the future is becoming very bleak very fast. She could call one of her friends but she does not want to crash in and none of them are exactly close. What choice does she have? Still, none of them will be available until after work hours. There is one more ad she didn't notice earlier.

Subject for an experiment. Not exactly something to look forward to and certainly not a job she wants. Still, how bad could it be? It's only a behavioral experiment, right? All they have to do is record her behavior, reaction, psycho-whatever, right? No need for some special skills. And, it says on the bottom that subjects will have free lodging. Ah, a place to stay until she could find another. About the money, test subjects have to be paid, don't they? Where is the place for interview? Some building in San Angeles's main business district, where the corporate bigwigs gather. A bit far. Who cares, I'm going!

In Rm. 3425, 34th Flr. of the Aurora Bldg., a bespectacled girl, with a blonde ponytail hair, looks at the list of applicants so far. Her face is that of disappointment as she crosses out the list of applicants so far. "Too fat. Too old. Addict. Another addict. Slob. Tried to get fresh. Slacker. Deadbeat. Running out of applicants here."

"You're too choosy, Jill," her officemate said.

"This is a terrible idea. We should have tried another approach." Jill takes a moment to think. Then, "Karen, go call the paper and cancel all the ads. All we get are people with nothing better to do."


Just at that moment, two young men came in. One of them is considerably handsome, well muscled with a body language that denotes arrogance while his companion is his complete opposite. Thin, wiry and looking worried. Their clothes are typical street gang type. Just from their movements, Jill could tell that they will have to turn them down, too. Rather than waste any more time, she bluntly tells them, "I'm sorry. The positions have all been filled."

The tall, arrogant one sat on her desk. Now it's becoming clear he's trying to get fresh with her. He looked at her with beady eyes and a devilish smirk. His hand makes contact with hers. "Aw, come on. I bet we still can get some of those cookies. You need all the opinions you can get, right?"

Cookies? Jill can't believe what she's hearing. She twirls her pen as she thinks what to say. Now, it's time to shoot him down. She asks him, "Ah, are you sure you got the right office? Because if you did, I'm sorry to tell you but we don't sell cookies here."

"Oh, call me Junior. All my friends do," he said. Is he reading from a script or something? She didn't even ask for his name and here he just gives it. Now, comes the obvious part. He asks her, "What's your name, Miss?"

I do not believe this! "Err, Mr. Junior. We are not accepting applicants anymore and, furthermore, based on your queries, you seem to have mistaken our office for some food manufacturer's. I assure you we are not in that business." She got up from her chair and tried to direct them out of the door. She opened the door and motioned them to go out. "So out you go. Out you go." She turned around and Junior was in front of her. That shook her up. "AAAaaaahhh!" He just gives her a devilish grin.

"So, if you're not selling cookies, what do you do here?" he asked impishly.

His companion finally speaks up, "Umm, Junior. Let's go. We must have really went to the wrong office. It's got to be the other building."

"Oh, we're not in a hurry, Elmer. Let's stay a little longer."

"Jill," Karen called out. "Do you want me to call security?"

"No, I can handle this," Jill replied. I think. "All right, you. Back off. I know Karate."

In a loud sarcastic tone, Junior said, "Really?" He slowly brings his right hand up to Jill's face. His fingers slowly touching her chin. That was then she decided to react and her hand quickly slapped his hand away. At that exact same moment Bogart came in to the room. He is surprised at what is going on which to him looks exactly like a harassment is going on. He uses the palm of his hand to shove Junior to the floor.

Surprised at the strength of the force, Junior falls to the ground. Furious, he yells at his attacker, "What the hell are you doing?!"

"What the hell are you doing?" Bogart demanded back.

"Me? I'm just trying to get a job!" Junior finally got up. "What about you?" Still angry at the attack, his stance is that of someone ready to fight back if need be.

Now, Bogart wasn't sure at what he might have seen going on. He felt that perhaps he may have been wrong about the whole situation. But just to make sure... "What about you?" he asked Jill. "What's going on here?"

The entire time, Jill was stunned at the series of events. When Bogart asked her what went on, she stammered at her reply. "Oh, uh, what? Oh, him! He tried to, uh, get fresh with me! Yeah! He tried to, uh, hmm..." A thought passes through her. "You said you're here about a job?" She smiled as she said that.


"Well, then. Perfect! We're taking you!" She went to her desk grabbed a piece of paper and handed it over to Bogart. "Here go to this address. Bring some clothes and a some personal effects. Go there tomorrow. That's two in the afternoon"

"Uh, sure."

For some reason, Junior had to feel offended at what went on. He, too, grabbed a piece of paper on Jill's desk. "Hey! Where's this place? It looks like it's going out of town!"

"Yeah, and I'll see you in a couple of days," Jill shot back.

"What makes you so sure I'll be there?"

"I'll be there," Elmer piped up. Everyone looked at him. "And I think you should go, too," he said, addressing Junior.

Junior is tight-lipped but his cheeks seem to be shaking. His whole body seems about to start shaking. Then, the shaking just stops and he tells Bogart, "You! I'll kick your butt when you get there!"

"And I'll kick yours," Bogart simply says.

A small fisticuff between the two of them followed. Jill managed to break it up and send them away. It did take some doing, though. She did manage to have them sign up some papers and answer a few questions for her report. She had to admit that Junior and Bogart seemed like the perfect candidates for whatever LightLabs wanted of them. Strong athletic fellows. Only Elmer doesn't seem to fit the physical requirements in the list she was given. Still, the other two don't seem to have the discipline in them, either, but that's hard to tell when she only met them. Only three candidates. That is not really much. Very disappointing turnout. More would probably come and apply but she had a feeling that whatever her employer had planned this isn't the way to do this. Time to close.

There is a knock on the door. "Yes, come in," Jill tells the visitor.

The visitor slowly came in. "Is this where you apply for that," she paused to look at the ad, "that behavioral experiment?" She said that with a special stress on the words 'behavioral experiment'. She looked pretty well-built. Maybe she does exercise. One more to keep the boys company? Equal opportunity for both sexes?

Jill asks her, "What's your name, miss?"

"Jane, Jane Datsun."

Light Laboratories Compound

Located outside of the City of San Angeles

The setting sun shines down on the LightLabs compound. Except for the cold industrial architecture of a few of the buildings, the entire place looked more like a university campus with some boot camp training ground thrown in. A sedan winds its way in towards the largest building where three boys of college age are waiting.

The three boys looked at the coming car. One of the boys, the shortest and thinnest of them remarked, "Look, Junior. Someone's coming."

Junior is the one holding a half-eaten candy bar, eating one out of boredom. He gives a smirk and said, "Finally, it was getting awfully lonely here."

The car stops and someone steps out, bags in tow. Wearing a leather jacket, denim pants and sporting hair that parts in the middle. A girl.

"Alright! It's a girl!" shouted Junior.

Her face turned into a suspicious frown. She just arrived and someone is already turning himself into an idiot. In fact, the very type every girl hates. A thought runs over her mind, why doesn't she kick him in the groin just to teach him a lesson?

"Yeah! You were made for me, baby," he continued.

She walked in a sensual manner and got closer to him. She smiled and looked into his eyes. Junior grins. This was her signal and she thrusts up her right knee only to have it blocked by his left hand. Junior's grin just got wider, that is, until someone punched him in the face.

"That's no way to treat a lady." It was the dark-skinned boy. He wasn't too tall but was well-built.

Still smarting, Junior retorted, "I knew it. I knew I wouldn't like you."

His statement took her by surprise, "You mean you guys don't know each other?"

The dark-skinned boy replied, "Know each other? We only met a half hour ago!"

Something tells her that they should be introducing themselves to each other. After a moment of awkward hesitation, she finally said, "Oh, uh, my name's Jane."


At that very moment, someone from the building came out to meet them. A young man, handsome, but you could tell his right eye looked rather peculiar. "What are you people doing outside? You could all just have come in to the lobby and cool off."

To this Jane could only reply, "Umm, I just got here." He looked at the others and they only responded with shrugs.

"Well, since you're all here, let's go inside and meet your benefactor."

All here? The same thought ran through the four's minds.

They were all brought in to the session hall. They took their seats and waited anxiously. Being complete strangers, they were still hesitant to talk to each other. Only Junior and the skinny one, Elmer, apparently knew each other but they weren't talking. Even the young man they met mostly kept to himself. He began to see their unease and finally piped up, "Don't worry, all your questions will be answered. The professor is a very busy man. He's just coming a little late."

"Ooh! Hello there! It's nice to see all of you here!" a short bespectacled old man popped out. He looked very much the stereotype scientist with his white lab coat, his long white beard and his obvious age. With the palm of his hands together, he addresses them, "I'm sure you're all as equally excited about being here as I am with you. My name is Prof. Emeritus Light. Chairman, CEO, head researcher, top scientist, you name it. I'm the big boss."

"Yes, you are, Prof," said Junior.

And the professor's cheeks flushed to red. "Err… Yes."

Everyone looked at Junior with disapproving stares. His response was to play innocent, "What? What? What did I do?"

"Well, to continue… You've all been living your daily existence at the very edge trying to make ends meet at so early ages. Broken homes, orphaned, or just determined to get away from it all. I'm offering you a chance make something more of your lives. I hope so anyway because, ultimately, it's all up to you to decide. I'm giving you all a place; it's up to you what to make of it."

"So what is it that is we're supposed to do?" asked Jane.

"Why, see to the safety and surety of LightLabs, its staff and its projects."

Once again, Junior intervenes, "So all that brouhaha you told us is just basically to tell us we're some sort of glorified security guards?"

"Well, I do hope that you would see that there would be more to that."

"There is?"

"I've chosen each of you because I believe you can bring something to this organization. You have no home, no education and nowhere to go. This is a place to start somewhere."

At that moment, a man with crew cut hair, moustache and goatee and sunglasses appeared. He doesn't look old, in fact he seems to be in his thirties. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Securiteam."

"What do you think now, Mr. Turner?" asked the professor. They were at the control panel of the mighty cray computer. On the huge monitor screen are the profiles of the would-be Securiteam members.

"I still think it's a big mistake."

"I still can't convince you, can I?"

"They're too young. And this Falcone kid," referring to Junior, "He's a wiseass who can't control himself. I have a feeling that he would be hard to discipline. I think we should have dropped him."

"Doesn't he remind you of someone, once?"

Turner didn't respond. He just exhibited a grimace. Then, he finally said, "Let's run through them again."

Cobretti, William – found with an amnesia caused by auto accident which left him an orphan. Exhibited great skill in martial arts. Smart, disciplined, lots of potential. To be designated group leader.

Datsun, Jane – runaway whose parents eventually died in a fire accident. Found living by taking odd jobs. Discovered when she foiled bank robbery all by herself. Also smart and disciplined. Potential still to be determined.

Falcone, Richard Jr. – homeless and orphaned at a very young age. Survived by joining different gangs but never sticking around long. Learned the martial arts from the Steel Fist Gang. Undisciplined, may be averse to orders. Likely a long term problem.

Johnson, Bogart – hardened by severely disadvantaged neighborhood. Brash, acts before thinking. Not much else is known.

Jones, Elmer – homeless and orphaned. Weak-willed, no extraordinary skills, too servile, unlikely candidate. Only reason for being here, Falcone won't join without him.

Looking at Jones's profile, again, Turner tells the professor, "I still think it's a big mistake."

The orientation wasn't anything special. It was merely an introduction to the company background, name of officers and executives and a guided tour of the complex. Even with a tour, the building's many hallways someone could still get lost in the maze. A map would have been more appropriate. All in all, pretty boring stuff. Nothing to make anyone pay attention to. The only thing that was worth the first day was dinner. Just simply grandiose, though it may have been too exquisite. It felt more like eating food from a real fancy restaurant.

With dinner over, they have been headed straight to their living quarters. Each of them is provided with his own room. Rather small, a single bed in the middle, a small cabinet on the wall and a sink with faucet. Still, there's still some space and opportunity to personalize it. Of this, Jane approved.

However, when she got out to take a short hot bath, she found out there is a big bathroom where several people could use at once. She was about to step in when… "Hey! We got a peeping tom here!"

She ran out quickly, thoroughly ashamed of what happened. Apparently, LightLabs forgot to account one thing when she was inducted in. And that voice, it had to be Junior's. She swore she would get even.

The next morning, Jane, Junior, Bogart and Elmer are at the training field. They have all been outfitted with uniforms. Each of them is wearing a white vest that looked more like some kind of breastplate. In fact, there is a S-like insignia on their left breasts. The rest of the uniform is like some kind of body suit and white boots.

Bogart looks around his surrounding. He remarked, "This looks awfully like the one they use in the army."

"That's right," said the boy who welcomed them yesterday. "Let's start with introductions, I'm Billy Cobretti and I'll be your squad leader."

Jane asked him, "And you're a lieutenant or something?"

"Rank is hardly an issue but the nearest, I guess, would be captain."

"And I'll be the colonel who'll put you through hell," Turner surprised everyone, "Everyone give me twenty laps!"

They were all just standing around. Unsure how to start. Billy was the only one ready to move but he couldn't start if they didn't get to position.

"NOW!" shouted Turner.

Billy grabbed Jane by the shoulders which took her by surprise. "Follow me!" he said to her. He started running and she started to follow his moves. Bogart and Elmer soon followed. Elmer was hobbling a bit as he noticed Junior is still not moving. He told him, "C'mon Junior, let's go."

"Why aren't you running, soldier?" Turner angrily asked Junior who still hasn't started running.

"I didn't sign up for this!" Junior replied back in a furious tone, "I'm not in the army! Why should I do this?"

"Because I told you to! Now move!" Turner took out his pistol and shot the ground Junior is standing on.

He was expecting that Turner would try to hit him or something. He was hoping he could show him off with his martial arts skills but this… He looked at Turner one more time and he slowly started running. He soon sped up and joined the troupe.

"Amateurs," Turner muttered.

The day was spent mostly for physical training. Calisthenics and muscle breaking exercises were the order of the day. They had a few breaks and lunch. But still they were pushed to the limits they never thought they could exceed. The first part of their evening was spent in the mess hall to have their dinner. The mess hall was part of the section of the LightLabs building put up specifically for them.

Everyone had their dinner on the table, sitting and contemplating on the day that passed. At that exact moment, Prof. Light and Turner arrived. The professor asked them, "Good evening to you all. I trust your day went well."

Before anyone could respond, Junior burst out, "Prof! What the hell is this? I didn't sign up for any training camp. I was promised that this was going to be worth my time. Well?"

"Err, all in good time…"

Turner butted in, "You will keep silent if you know what's good for you."

"Oh, yeah?" Junior talked back, his pose as if he is going to challenge someone to a fight.

Bogart now joined in, "I'm sorry but I gotta agree with him. Your ad said that you're looking for volunteers to try out products."

"And I was offered some kind of maintenance job," Jane added in. "Then, yesterday, you guys said we're being groomed into security. I should have said something back then."

"We all should have." Bogart said the final blow.

Red faced, the professor turned to Turner and asked him, "Eh? I didn't expect this. Just exactly what did you tell them, Mr. Turner?"

"I did what you told me to. Find young people who would work for you. Who would do as you say…"

"…and don't ask any questions…" the professor continued. The realization set in. He threw his hands up in the air. "Oh! What have you done? This is the exact kind of thing I wanted to avoid!"

"Wh-what are we talking about here?" asked Jane.

"I am so sorry you've all been misled," the professor said.

"So we're not security guards?" asked Junior.

"Oh, well, you are still being tasked the responsibility of safeguarding LightLabs and all its properties and personnel," the professor said and then took a long breath. "But there is a far larger picture than that. In addition to those responsibilities, you will be given assignments that may call for going beyond the call of duty."

"So we're basically you're turning us into your private army?"

"Umm, no, I wouldn't call you that…"

"But that is what we are?"

"Err, not exactly…"

"But it sure sounds like it."

Mr. Turner put his hand up in a gesture of halt, "That's enough!"

"No, Mr. Turner," the professor said. "They do have a right to know." Now, everyone drew closer to hear what the professor had to say. "There is a time, I believe, when it is not enough that LightLabs is to be protected from external threats but that we must be protected from our own mistakes, from others' mistakes and ourselves. You will face adversaries the like of which you have never seen before. Because of that, I need a team who is willing to take the risk."

"So why do you need us? If you're so rich, why can't you just hire some mercenary army?" Bogart asked.

"The professor believed that we need people with scruples," Mr. Turner replied, "To do what is right. Mercenaries only work for the money. If things get rough, they pull. We want people who would act on what they believe in. People who will stay to finish the job."

"Alright, you already know what is up," the professor said, "I suppose that it is only fair I give you the choice now whether you wish to continue from this point on or not. You may take as much time as you want to ponder but I hope that you would stay."

"Then what?" Junior piped up again, "Are we going to get compensated for this?"

"Most certainly but I also hope…"

"How much?"

"…I also hope that you would take the opportunity to take advantage of what we could offer you for your future. We would offer you education or make a career of something you could find here. I ask you please."

"But why people our age?" Jane asked.

"Think of this as a military recruitment program. They do offer the same thing as we would do. Recruits train and undergo special missions. They are given pay and offered opportunities in education and skills development. The only difference would have to be this one initiated by a private company."

He takes last look at them. "Please consider this."

Billy didn't join the gang for dinner. He was checking the monitoring system to make sure everything is online and the entire compound is secure. Some of the staff has said he works too hard. Ever since the professor removed all security personnel to be replaced by Securiteam, it's all to keep his mind off his blank past. All he has is his identity. Nothing more.

Many had thought that the professor was crazy for removing the original security. He thought it seemed crazy too. But the prof had the final say and the more he got involved in his scheme the more his personal criticisms are disappearing. Funny, but that is what is happening.

A blip sounded off signaling the entry of an intruder. Billy checked the monitor. It's coming through the ventilation ducts. It's really coming in fast. Just the first of many, like the professor said. Like the dutiful son, he picks up the phone, has the computer locate the professor and address him through the PABA system.

"Yes, Billy?" the professor responded.

"There's an intruder making his way through the ducts and into the server hub. I bet he wants the database."

Turner looked to the professor with a grimace. The professor responded with a waving of his hand in a manner to say that this is nothing but a minor matter. "It was only a matter of time. Come, everyone."

The professor placed his hand on a square panel on the wall. The wall opened up to reveal gear and weaponry. Stun guns, energy dispensers, lasers, net guns and all the like. He took something that looked like a rifle, it was all shiny silver and its muzzle is like a deco bulb. "Each of you please take one. Mr.. Turner, kindly instruct them on its usage."

"Alright, everyone. Flip this switch, it's activated. This knob controls the power of the shot. The higher the power you use the faster the rifle is discharged. Remember, your duty is to safeguard the building and its properties. Those servers must not be damaged in any way."

Billy went in to the server farm. He saw the ventilation grid is blown open. He uses a handheld motion detector but nothing is registering. Infrared will be useless in an environment full of hot objects. He slowly moved between a couple of servers. He heard a clang. He moved in quickly.

It looked like a black crab with one big red eye in the middle. It was about the size of a suitcase and it is accessing one of the servers. It quickly noticed Billy coming near. It turns and discharges a discus. Billy blocked it with his laser rifle. This discus embedded itself onto the rifle rendering it now useless; he has to find another way to bring down the intruder. He races forward with the intention to use his rifle as a bat to pummel it. More discs are fired, all of them deftly blocked by Billy.

With its efforts being thwarted, the robotic intruder released a small pellet that exploded before it reached Billy's face. Some kind of powder is released. Billy covered his nose and mouth and retreated. It was about to go back to hacking the system when it got hit by an energy discharge. The shooter was Bogart.

"Nice shot. I'm impressed and I've yet to evaluate your sharp shooting skills," Turner said.

The robot crab was definitely hit but it wasn't down for the count. It released a series of discs in hopes of hitting something. Everyone tried to dodge them. The discs made contact only with the wall, some of them ricocheting. Some even hit the other servers.

Junior grabbed on to the crab. It hovered up and down in hopes of getting him off it. It rocketed up to the ceiling and Junior's back hit some of the plaster and fluorescents. He tried to pull out its eye but it was too tight and well built. Instead, he grabbed one of its "legs" and with all his strength, he pulled it off. Finding success, he tried to do it again with the other "legs".

With each leg taken off, its flight kept getting lower. So low that they are just hovering above the servers. Junior's leg hits one of the servers sending it toppling down another creating a domino effect on the entire row.

"Oops," was all he could say.

They landed on the floor crashing down. Junior was unable to hold on to it any longer and let go. It skittered away. Bogart fired off a few more shots but they all missed. "Damn, I thought I was good at this."

It continued skittering about until it came face to face with the muzzle of another rifle. It looked up. Jane was holding the rifle. It was about to make another move when she shot it straight into its eye. A series of firecracker like explosions went off. It was now dead.

The professor looked on with approval until he saw a row of servers down and winced. You can't win everything.

A damage control team was called in with Billy overseeing the mop up operation. The gang is gathered together for a talk with Prof. Light and Mr. Turner.

"You have seen what you are up against," the professor said, "But this is only the beginning. More powerful opponents are to come for sure."

"You have enemies, professor?" Jane asked.

"Well, duh! Obviously!" Junior said. She gave him an angry look which he just ignored.

Prof. Light continued, "I apologize that you have been misled but I suppose I can't stop you from leaving…"

"Well," Bogart chimed in, "I was thinking of maybe joining the army but I guess this comes close…"

"I've no place to go," Jane said.

Junior remarked, "That's such a lame reason."

"Shut up."

"Well, I'm not staying! I didn't sign up to be somebody's foot soldier. C'mon Elmer. Let's go."

"No, Junior. I'm staying." Elmer's face looked he's sorry.

"Huh? Why?"

"C-cuz, I-I think this might be good for my self-esteem."

"Alright, suit yourself. I'm leaving."

He went to the elevator and went down. Everyone just stared as he left. Elmer waved a meek goodbye. Bogart didn't care and Jane was just glad he's out of the team. "We're better off without him," she said.

If one could only see through Prof. Light 's thick beard, you could only swear he's smiling.

Junior got out of the main building. As he walked towards the main gate, he realized how the compound felt empty and his walk out dark and lonely. He was halfway to the gate when he paused. He looked back at LightLabs and then to the path before him.

A long pause went by.

"Ah, hell." He turned around and walked back.