"I just suddenly found myself in a hospital-like environment. At the least, it should be a clinic but there are patient rooms and I found myself entering one of them. And then, there she was sitting on the bed. She looked at me for a moment and gave me a smile and looked back at the window she was staring. You could tell there was melancholy in her eyes. I don't know why she's sad. But one thing I couldn't get over with is that why she was she in my dream? It is true that I don't remember ever meeting her prior to joining LightLabs and after the… incident. I had thought that she be recommended for expulsion but now, because of this dream, I had to rethink that choice."

"Dreams are sometimes indicative of a hidden emotion or desire. Do you believe that an action of yours might place her in jeopardy and now feel a need to protect her?" psychiatrist Dr. Helen Ang asks William "Billy" Cobretti.

"This is too impossible to even contemplate, doctor." His voice hardly gives any falter. "Ever since my accident, I have lost the ability to express any emotions and to have other people's emotions affect me. And because of the injury I suffered, I thought I also lost the ability to dream that is until last night."

"And now that you had this dream, it distresses you?"

"I can not be distressed. I do not have the ability to be distressed nor to feel happiness, sadness and anger."

"Yes, so what feeling did this dream give you?"

"It made me… curious."

The doctor takes note, "And you don't think this is indicative of any buried emotions?"

"Doctor, curiosity is not an emotion; it is a state of mind. A need to satisfy a search for answers. Emotions are expressions of feelings."

"But you said you felt curious…"

"Please, doctor, don't use any of those tactics where you confuse the patient," Billy interjected. "I am immune to that."

Dr. Ang makes that expression where you probably have something to say back but decide not so say it. Billy gets up from his seat to leave the room. "Wait, are you leaving already?"

"Yes, the time is almost up and I have other duties."

"I just have one last question to close our session. Does Datsun know of your dream?"

"No," was his simple reply and he leaves the room.

Prof. Light and Mr. Turner are in professor's office. Mr. Turner is clearly angry as if the redness of his face is not an indication. A black body armor that belonged to the Attackers lies on the table.

Turner tells the prof, "I tell you they need to go. They disobeyed orders. They are not soldiers!"

"And they were never soldiers," Prof. Light said back. "Might have, could have, should have but in the end, our errant team saved the day by having some of them taking the enemy by surprise." He pats his hand over the body armor, "And we might not have gotten a hold of this armor which turns out to be our own technology in use by the enemy."

"We really should come up with a name for this enemy," Jill Bright, the professor's niece, came in through the door.

"Hostiles," said Turner. His grimace as usual showed that was not a joke.

"Uh-huh…" was all Jill could say. She has to say something to get out of this awkward moment and decides to tell what she came to tell, "I, ah, just came in to tell you that someone who claims to be your brother is waiting to speak to you at the gate, Mr. Turner, sir."

"My brother…" Moments passed before he got up and left the door.

When she is sure that they are alone and out of hearing range, Jill asks her uncle, "Are you sure we should disband the team? They did manage to save our asses. And I thought that was one of the conditions you wanted?"

"Yes, I guess I got what I wanted," Prof. Light said, "A team that would do what they think is necessary or at least what they thought is right even if they had to disobey orders. Only not for the purpose that I had in mind but close enough."

"So, you won't fire them?"

"Fire them? Yes, I may as well have to! I'm under pressure to do so! Mr. Turner! The board! They want them off and me along with them."

Now, Jill is concerned, "But you're the founder and CEO."

"Yes, but I could be voted out if they think I'm unfit and of unsound mind." Light's hands are clasped together and shaking a bit.

Jill sees her uncle like this and it makes her sad but something had to be done. "We still have an ally in the board."

"We do?" a confused Light piped up.

"Yes, and I'm going to talk to her." Jill quickly goes out the room. Light sighs that he is alone and with no one to talk to.

Dr. Helen Ang's office. Bogart Johnson lies on the patient's couch. He looks calm and relaxed but that's just a façade until he speaks. "Why is everyone making a big deal whether I helped Junior and his pals escape? He was a better fighter, that's what. And, and he came back for us. What's the big deal?"

The doctor decides to play with him a bit, "And you're not the least bit put off that he managed to deck you with one punch?"

"Hell, yeah, I feel bad. That really hurt. I swear I'm going to get back on him on that. Yeah, I'm gonna give him one good one."

"But that was over a week ago. You had plenty of chances to get even with Mr. Falcone. Why haven't you?" asked Dr. ang.

A crack has been made, "Uuhhh… I was waiting for the right time…"

"You lived in a neighborhood that is pretty much a slum area. Gang shootings are frequent there. I did a little more digging and I find that you have been involved in a few altercations. Altercations because of a need for retribution." Dr. Ang added.

"Retri- what?"

"Retribution. Revenge. You did not hesitate to avenge your sister's honor by beating the man who slept with her."

"Huh? Uh! He damn raped her. I did what I had to do," Bogart defended.

"Yes," Dr. Ang added further, "But your sister had refused to press charges against the 'perp' as you would call him. They both claimed they did it so with consent from each other."

"He was a bastard and she was my younger sister," Bogart is up from his couch. Clearly now, he is angry. "And what this got to do with…"

"They were both of legal age and you beat him in front of children at the school he works at. As much as you would hate to admit it, you and he are both alike. Neither of you would back out from a fight."

"Your point?"

"You have not confronted Falcone of the fact and this led management to believe that you intentionally let him deck you." She smiled a smug smile. God, she must be enjoying this.

Bogart is confused, "Hey, if you make it a policy to check our backgrounds, how'd I get to be here working in the first place?"

"Ah, so you see, you are pretty quick to catch on. How could you have missed Mr. Falcone's intention?"

"Nnnuuuhh, if you lived the life I lived, doc, then you know how much friends matter to you," Bogart finally gave in. "When I found out Junior's friends were in some kind of danger, I had to do something to help. You don't give up on your friends." A moment passed before Bogart asked Dr. Ang, "Hey, uh, now that you know, am I fired?"

"No, we just want to know," Dr. Ang smiled at him, "Session's over."

Actually, the LightLabs building is still a burned out husk. There were some offices that were completely "boxed in", that is, they automatically seal themselves from disaster. This is done to preserve some of the hard work they made. They only wanted to fool any enemies to think they destroyed everything worthwhile.

Blown up cannons and burned out vehicles still lie a strewn across the fields from the building to the gate. Turner did not bother to ride one of the go-cart-like cars even if it would have saved him walking 100 meters. It was all he could do to avoid talking to his brother who is standing at the entrance. His brother is simply sitting and waiting on his green sports motorcycle.

"Alright, what do you want?" Turner asked his brother.

His brother adjusted his sunglasses and said, "What? Is this how you say hello to your brother? We haven't seen each other in ages. Looks like you guys had a party here and it must've been a great party 'cuz it took you ages to come out here. "

"Once again, my answer is still no."

"Come on, when are you gonna stop playing the part of the corporate goon? What we do is honest work and you get to help people. What better way to redeem yourself?"

"Brad, I'm not asking for redemption and never have and I don't need it." Turner remains tight.

Brad heaves a sigh, "I guess I'm never going to change your mind?"

Turner has his arms across his chest. It is clear his mind is made up and will not be swayed no matter what. Brad nods in response and without even so much as a goodbye bade to each other, he revs up his motorcycle and leaves. Turner looks down to the ground. There is not a grimace on his face instead, one could almost say that he looked sad.

Elmer Jones looks about nervously Dr. Helen Ang's office. He knows he is in a lot of trouble and so is about everyone else. He fidgeted a lot. His fingers twiddled just as much. Dr. Ang takes note of all his little habits. Elmer has been in the room for almost twenty minutes and the doctor has not asked him anything at all. This only added to his anxiety. He would have liked to ask her what is going on but he could never muster the courage.

Finally, Dr. Ang says something and it is a question, "So, how long have you and Falcone been friends?" and she asks this in a matter of factly way.

"Uh, yeah, me and Junior been friends for a long time. We go way back since we were ten. He's always there when I need him." Elmer wanted to swallow but his mouth felt dry. That statement made Dr. Ang raise her eyebrow and he understood that she wanted a little more clarification. He felt a bit embarrassed, "Umm, it's not like that. We're not… you know. It's just that I got beat up a lot and he always stood up for me. There were a lot of bullies where we lived."

"You were part of some gang, the Steel Fist, am I correct?"

"Y-yeah but we never did anything bad or anything like that, you know. We never did anything illegal like drugs or guns, Big Brother wouldn't like it. That's why we thought it's a good group to join." Elmer felt he must have provided a good answer and was at peace. Dr. Ang's scribbling on her notepad made him nervous once again, however.

"While it's true that the Steel Fist Gang has never been indicted for any illegal activities, they are also known for going against authority figures from time to time. It certainly does not look like your gang is afraid of the police."

This only confused Elmer and he could only utter, "Huh? Umm, yeah."

"Let's go back to Falcone and your relationship with him."

Elmer gets even more confused and then feels embarrassed, "Huh? Uh? No, I swear we're not together like, you know." His face goes a deep red and puts up his hands in denial. "Swear to God, hope to die. We're not that kind of people."

It was now Dr. Ang's turn to feel embarrassed. She probably should have been more careful with her words. "No, of course not. That's not what I was asking." Funny, though, she thought. Misunderstandings are common with patients but why did this one had to feel different? "I meant, what made you two come to work for LightLabs?"

"Well, um, Junior had a situation with his… They had a… Her father didn't… He left the gang… I'm not sure I should be telling you this. It's kind of a long story and I'm not sure if he wants me to share it with anyone just yet."

"It's alright," Dr. Ang tells him, "I can keep it confidential."

"I don't know, I think I'll let him tell it when he's ready."

She didn't push it further, "Well, what about you? What made you come here?"

"We knew we'd be living in the streets and we were going to run out of money real quickly. We tried working in some restaurants but we broke a lot of dishes and they kicked us out. We saw the ad and we thought being security guards would be easier."

"And?" Dr. Ang was expecting more to the answer.

"Well, that's it." He was getting the feeling she was waiting for an answer. "Huh-uh… I went with Junior because I thought he needed a friend and I always went where he goes."

Dr. Ang had the feeling Elmer was the type not to open so easily but it might not be too difficult, just need time. "Alright, session is over. You may go."



Elmer is relieved. He ran out of the office as fast as he could. Dr. Ang looks forward to getting some more information out of him. Oh, well, one session at a time.

The cell phone rang. By force of habit, Prof. Light picked up the handset to the landline. He said hello and then realized what a foolish thing he had done. "Oh, dear, where could it be?" He can't find his cell phone. Now, he is feeling terribly foolish. He turns over some folders and papers in an effort to find it. Opened and closed his desk's drawers. The Prof scratches his head in frustration wondering where in the world that cell phone went to. And there it was, the cell phone was on the paper tray, right in plain sight. He shook his head in disbelief and answers it.

"Hello, Emet," it was Miss Miriam Dacosta Webster, one of LightLabs' chief executives and one of the Prof's few friends and allies in the corporate board. "I just called to see if you're alright. You haven't come to any of the board's meetings and I've been worried. Macer is making a move to throw you out."

"I'm tired but I think I've come to a decision. I think it's time for me to step down while everyone assumes I still have a sound mind."

Miss Webster gasped, "Step down? You're thinking of retiring as CEO?"

"You don't think it's time?" Light asked her. "I'll still be owner and founder. And I can now concentrate my efforts on my first love: science."

"Have you come to a decision who will succeed you?" Miss Webster still can't believe what he said. "Is it Lorenzo?" Norman Lorenzo was most likely to succeed should anything happen to Light.

"I have someone in mind but just promise me, whatever happens, please find a way to keep Securiteam. They don't deserve to be terminated and I made them for a purpose."

"What purpose would that be?"

"You will keep this confidential, will you?"

"Of course."

"Then, meet me back here. Take the helicopter if you have to."

"Yes, I'll see you." Miss Webster puts down her cell phone. She herself didn't believe in why there had to be a Securiteam, why would Light want them to be kept around?

"I don't know why I have to be here. I fought off the bad guys, infiltrated their headquarters and saved the Prof. If you ask me, why, I'd say I saved the day!" Junior says to Dr. Ang. "Hell, I even went toe to toe with that… Enigmus… but it didn't have toes, it didn't even have feet. It looked more like a giant flashlight that's standing on its beam. But, yeah, I smashed it to pieces. You people should be thanking me! I should get a reward, maybe make me team leader, yeah!"

Dr. Ang looked at her watch. "Twenty-three minutes," she said.

"Twenty-three minutes of what?" Junior asked.

"Twenty-three minutes of rambling. That's what you did for twenty-three minutes, you rambled."

"And that's 'cuz you people are writing us off. It wasn't our fault, we did what we had to do and you know what? It all worked out in the end. Yeah, the lab's a wreck and there was fire everywhere but we beat the bad guys!" Junior raised his arms up like in a hail of victory. "What could be better than that?"

"Well, you could have conferred with your superiors, came up with a plan of action, succeed in keeping the lab intact…"

"But there was no phone line, no communication…" Junior interrupted her.

"Yes, but we do… did have a helicopter here and it would have gotten you to the city much sooner than by road. You could have alerted our good old CEO and came up with a true plan rather than acts of desperation," Dr. Ang made her point but Junior would not give up on his position. She could tell he is one of the stubborn ones.

"Blah, blah, blah, blah… No one did anything but me! Me!" He was just about screaming. "I'm the hero, why punish me?"

"Who said anything about punishing you?"

"I'm not going to be punished?" Junior was wide-eyed surprised. That certainly got his attention.

"I didn't say that either," she tells him. "See, that is currently your problem, your choice to go on impulse than take stock of the situation. You have, as far as I can tell, a great fighting ability. But you're a force without direction and every action you've made is a series of compensation for any mistakes you make. You can be better than that and you know it."

"Yeah, I guess I am pretty good," said Junior, although he didn't quite get what she said. He just liked the sound that he is better or could be better than anyone.

She saw his reaction. Typical male arrogance. Soothe their egos and you can get them to feel what they want. Now that she got him calmed down, she asks him, "So, I hear that you have a story to tell. A story back when you're still in the streets?"

"Yeah, I got lots of stories," Junior said. He put his hands at the back of his head as support as he stretched on the couch. "So many stories, which one you'd like to hear?"

"Well… particularly the one before you came to work to…" And the telephone rang. A bit annoyed that another moment of revelation was going to be interrupted, she had no choice but to answer the phone. "Yes? This is Dr. Ang." About a half minute passes before she answers back, "Yes, you can tell Mr. Turner that I will have it over as soon as I can. I still have one more to go over through."

Junior and Dr. Ang looked at each other and both knew what it is. Junior smiled and said, "Whoops! Looks like session's over, Doc. Hmm, maybe you and me can go out sometime, what d'you say, eh?"

A bulldozer is clearing the way in one section of the burnt out LightLabs building. This section is specifically all the projects that were for one reason or another are left unfinished, abandoned, deemed too dangerous or somehow acquired from other sources. Generally, it was a storage space for all those and a whole lot of other junk. Prof. Light is watching what items have been unearthed so far. A corporate helicopter lands nearby.

Coming down from the helicopter, Miss Webster calls out, "Emet!"

"Oh, Miriam, I'm glad you could make it," Prof. Light said to her.

"I had to, you don't seem to want to tell me what's going on over the phone," she tells him as she walks closer. She still had to shout a bit as the helicopter's engine"What's going on?"

"Oh, we were just clearing up the storage section. So much rubble and I was wondering what are still salvageable, you know and…"

"No, I meant what was it that you wanted to talk about which you couldn't discuss over the phone," Miss Webster steers him back.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Light's face reddened from embarrassment. "It's about Securiteam. Everyone thinks it's a bad idea to have them around, even Mr. Turner."

"Well," she said, "It does seem like a disastrous idea entrusting the security of the entire company to just a few individuals." She tries to be careful with her words. "Were you trying to save a lot of money? Because, having the team equipped with all the state-of-the-art equipments and having them live-in isn't exactly a money-saving idea. The cost to maintain even the living quarters…"

"No, it's not that. The reason I went for the creation of Securiteam…" Light takes a deep breath in a way someone would be revealing something important. "It's because of threats like Enigmus and whatever mistakes I or anyone in this company make. I wanted people who will do everything they can to stop these mistakes, not because it's their job but rather it's the right thing to do. The battle with Enigmus, while not yielding the desired results, showed me what I needed to see."

Miriam had a dubious look on her face. This may just be the hardest thing he had to convince anyone about. "Look, LightLabs has many enemies and it's not just the IRS. If no one is going to do anything about these threats, you know what I mean by threats, the future of my company is not going to be our only biggest concern."

"Threats…" she said as if she finally got what he meant. There's a coy smile on her face. "Emet," she finally says, "I promise you that I will do everything in my power to prevent the dissolution of Securiteam. Don't you worry."

"Eh…" Prof. Light was speechless. Was he finally able to talk someone into this?

"And I didn't just come here to talk with you. I've come to pick you up. We've got a board meeting at 3 p.m." She goes on.

"A 3 p.m. meeting?" Light was confused. "We have one? That's still a couple of hours away."

"Oh, don't fret. You're still the CEO and you can change the schedule to whatever time you wish. I'll have Denise bring in Securiteam to LightLabs, too. Come on, I can't wait."

"Uh, oh, okay," Light couldn't say anymore. He was speechless. Now, he's not sure what he's done.

The helipad of the LightLabs corporate headquarters in the heart of San Angeles City. All the board executives are made to attend the meeting at this very place. Several of them are not very happy about this. Nobody likes to be taken out of their element. For the women, the rooftop is a very windy place and their hairs get ruined by the strong breezes. The men's ties flitter about and hitting their faces. Generally, not everyone's idea of executive paradise.

Horace Macer sees the ridiculous scene, especially the men. "Good god! Haven't some of you ever heard of a tie clip?"

The helicopter landed and out came Prof. Light and Miriam Dacosta Webster. The usual pre-meeting proceedings were dispensed with for now. They did still have to wait for the helicopter's engine to die down before they could begin.

"Good afternoon, everyone. I have some exciting developments to announce," Ms. Webster excitedly said. "First off, the construction of the new laboratory on King's Hill is going to be finished as scheduled. It was certainly an unfortunate event that the original laboratory is destroyed but it was an incredible stroke of luck that the second laboratory is on its way to completion. Once fully installed and equipped, it will be bigger and better than the first laboratory."

A holographic whiteboard illustrating the new laboratory was prepped up. However, the strong winds kept knocking it down. An assistant tried to put it back up to no avail. A particularly strong breeze lifted it off careening towards the roof's edge. "Oh, s!" the assistant cursed. She tried to run after it but it was too late, the board flew away.

It was a comedic sight. Everyone tried not to laugh but the snickers were there. Only Prof. Light had some concern, "Oh, my… I hope nobody gets hurt. Somebody had better take care of it. The last thing we need is a lawsuit."

"Not to worry, let's go on to the next announcement." Miss Webster talked to her cell phone, "Bring out Securiteam."

From the helicopter, the entire team steps down. Billy Cobretti, Bogart Johnson, Jane Datsun, Elmer Jones, Richard Falcone, Jr. and Jill Bright all got off in full battle uniform. They were not exactly informed of what was going on so they just tried their hardest to look good.

"I am announcing the dissolution of Securiteam. After much deliberation, it has been decided that as security team, they did not simply worked out. Not to mention, it did begin to look like we were going against the city's policy on private armies. Therefore, we will not continue with removal of standard security personnel." That was Miss Webster's announcement.

Each group had their own reactions to her news. For the executives, it was good news, they all smiled. It meant they didn't have to rely on a mere six-person team for the entire safety of the company. For Securiteam, they all expressed shock, anger and disbelief, except for Billy who remains as emotionless as ever and Jane just closed her eyes as if she is hurting inside. "I don't believe this!" exclaimed Junior. "Dammit! What am I gonna tell my momma, now?" said Bogart.

Even Prof. Light could not believe what he was hearing. "Oh, my… I thought you were going to help me…"

Mr. Turner watched from the background. This was the moment he was looking forward to. Maybe the professor would start listening to him now. He is already beginning to think of the many recommendations he would make and how to implement. Yes, just the way he would have it done.

The tone in Miss Webster's voice did not change. She still sounded excited, "And now, my next announcement. This was of course never released to the general public but you do well know the cause of the explosion at the laboratory. A rogue element that escaped from an experiment years ago had returned and destroyed the laboratory. This is not the first time an incident similar to this took place. And need I remind you all of the other accidents? Conventional security guards are ill-equipped to handle these… disasters. Not only disasters but any mistakes that we did not plan on letting loose, we need a group who would take care of these said disasters and if possible, avoid their creation and save the company from further embarrassments. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the DRCST Divistion – the Disaster Response and Containment Security Team." She points her hand in the direction of Securiteam. "Of course, they'll still be known as Securiteam to us but DRCST is a fancier name, don't you think? Takes the heat off from City Hall, hmmm?" Her coy smile just turned wider.

Emotions between two groups have swapped with each other. The executives would rather have none of it but they see her point. Macer asks, "But isn't anyone going to think that they might still be construed as a private army?"

"Nobody needs to know that. Their job officially is to stop corporate disasters and accidents and to prevent them from happening."

One of the execs decided to support her, "Yeah, remember that mutant dog? We didn't need some civilian to have done that for us. And he even threatened to expose our other secret projects."

"But what about the morality of it all?"

"Morality? What morality? We conduct secret experiments and you're concerned about morality?"

"Well, that does solve some of your problems when we have accidents…" surmised another.

"I thought they were being held under study for competence?"

"The professor has long planned for a group such as this in the organization but we were unsure how best to implement them. A more focused guideline has been made and this shall be their new responsibility," Miss Webster assured them.

The team is excited to know they're not going to be fired after all. "Awright! I don't have to go home," said Bogart.

"Woohoo!" Junior tried to emulate Homer Simpson's cry of joy. Meanwhile, Mr. Turner is not overjoyed by the news. In a need to vent his frustration, he took out his PDA and crushed it with his hand. Someday, somehow, he thinks.

"That's it? We're absolved?" Jill Bright asked, her head shaking in disbelief. "I don't believe it. It's like a deus ex machina going on here."

Prof. Light is so happy he wants to cry but who wants to see a grown man cry? Instead, he felt something must be done to reward this moment. Yes, he makes his decision. "Alright, quiet everyone. I, too, have an important announcement to make." Then, silence. "I'm announcing my retirement as president and CEO of LightLabs." Even more silence. "I'm just getting too old and I have little time for my pursuits."

"Yeah? How old are you, prof?" Junior asked him. Some of the executives glared at him for this burst of disrespect.

"Ah, um…" Prof. Light's face turned red. He decided not to answer the question and instead, went on. "I'll still be active but I will not be handling the day to day running of business. Boy, it's amazing I've been able to pull it off after all these years. I'm leaving that job to someone I can trust and that someone has proved herself today. Miriam, you're now taking over LightLabs."

Miriam Webster expressed surprise at the news. "Oh, my god. You mean it?"

"Congratulations, you've earned it." Prof. Light shook her hand.

Of course, some members of the board feel slighted at the turn of events. They just try not to show their displeasure. Everyone gathered to offer their congratulations. Only Mr. Turner did not come near. He just gazed on. He muttered under his breath, "Old man, you fool. What have you done?"

Dr. Helen Ang sits in her office and lamenting the fact that there is no more reason to interview the members of Securiteam. Because of the reformatting of the team's purpose, the team is absolved of any possible reason to be disbanded. She can only hope some of them would come back for counseling. Still, Mr. Turner may want them to be continued to be evaluated. The only thing is that there is still no memo to continue the process.

New blood always meant stories to hear and she liked stories. That Falcone kid seemed to have some stories to tell but for one reason or another they get interrupted. A thought struck her. Why is she thinking of Falcone more so than the others? She hated to think that her psychiatric specialty is leading her to a conclusion she would not want to venture on… yet. Damn it!

A knock on the door took her out of her reverie. "Come in," she said.

"Hi," said the young woman at the door. "I'm… My name is Jane. Jane Datsun. All team members were supposed to be interviewed by you?"

"Ah, yes. You were scheduled to an interview. Everything's been cancelled. You don't have to do to this if you don't want to," Dr. Ang tells her.

"Well, it's okay. I want to." Jane awkwardly enters the room. There is a look of uncertainty on her face.

"How rude of me. Please, do sit down. Everyone is welcome to my office." Dr. Ang motioned her to a chair. "Go ahead. Is there something you want to talk about?"

"I don't know how to begin," Jane sat down, her arms slightly trembling. "I think it's when Mr. Cobretti and me… got captured."

Mr. Cobretti and me got captured. Dr. Ang is used to grammatical errors from her patients and knows well to step away from correcting anyone. But, it is a perfect entry point to gather more information, "So, what is it that happened?"

"I… When I was tortured, it's like I can't remember what happened. It's like everything's a blank." Jane bit her lip. This confession is tormenting her. "It felt like they took something from me."

"You're suffering from a form of post-stress traumatic syndrome. It's alright. Whatever you felt let it all out. I'm here for you."

"That's just it, there's nothing to be let out. It's like a huge chunk of my life was taken from me." Jane bent over and sobbed. "I wanted to tell someone but they'll figure me for a basket case. It's like I had the biggest life-changing experience and then, all of a sudden, ripped out of me, shredded and gone. I don't know what it was and now it's eating right back at me and I wish it would just swallow me whole and get it over with."

A pang of guilt strikes Dr. Ang. She regrets not being able to have read up on Jane Datsun's profile. She felt terribly selfish all this time. She's a counselor and what has she been doing all this time? This woman needed a friend and she guesses that she may not have made one all this time since being employed. And because of whatever experience, Jane may have had the hardest time coping of all of them. "You don't have to feel alone. Let me help you." Dr. Ang holds her hand tight. If Datsun decides to resign, there may not be anyone else who could help her once she leaves. She is determined not to let this be a mark on her conscience.

Dr. Ang locks the door to her office, then sits down and puts an arm around Jane's back to console her.

Two days later, the retrieval process is still far from complete. There are still a great number of the projects put away in the store room. This has not gone well with management, of course, but they had to divide their resources to finishing the new installation on King's Hill and this. The day is almost over, the sun already on its way to setting and the retrieval crew is trying to get as much done as possible.

The big fat foreman checks his list of what they have dug out so far. "Project #KM51649A, box #458BU935, item is transponder generator…"

"Is this it?" asked one of the crewmen. "It's out of its crate but the boards do say the numbers. Frankly, never saw a transponder generator before. How do I know what it is?"

"You're already holding it. Please be careful with it," said the LightLabs coordinator.

"Wow, it looks like a mace."

"Yes, now, please be careful with it. It's not a toy, don't play with it." One more stern look. "Please."

"Okay, this next one here's a big one," the foreman announced. "Project #GM20461B, measuring eight feet in height, four feet wide…"

"I think I found it." The crewman found the crate with the number but it looked like only about a quarter of the box left. He notices the splinters at the bottom. He lifted the box. Under the box is an opaque plastic sheet cover. He lifted the veil next. Two bright flashes of red gazed back at him and the next thing that happens is a scream of pain.


The adventures of Securiteam continues in the next volume, Experiments Gone Wrong.