"Kankakee's Jewel"

Sitting around the table upstairs,
My co-workers and I exchanging glances.
We know the meeting's important,
But we don't want to listen.
Judy's standing by the stairs,
Watching silently as a bystander.
As questions come her way,
She gives a firm answer.
Wendy sits center chair,
Guiding the meeting like a ship.
Janet and Maria sit on either side,
Listening attentively (maybe!) to what's being said.
Some things seem funny,
But all of the items are of a serious tone.
Definitely a family we are.
None of us look alike,
But we share a common heart.
We all are like brothers and sisters.
Sure, we bicker, but it's all good natured.
I can only say for myself what I feel,
But I'm quite sure this familial feeling is felt by all.
We've got our black sheep,
But even they're loved.
Yes, this is the motley crew that I'm bound to.
Through pain and happiness, we're all there for each other.
And who are these amazing people that are family extended?
None other than my friends and co-workers from Jewel.