"Around the Block"

A year ago, my past came back to me.
A boy from down the street came to my door.
He wanted to know if I would be his.
I told him I didn't want a boyfriend then.
Now I'm wishing I had said yes.
He was a nice kid.
We used to spend summer afternoons playing in the backyards.
And we hung out across the street by the Civic.
We were good friends.
I haven't seen him since I was nine.
And he came back into my life last year.
As my friend, I miss him terribly.
He lives right down the street.
I'm afraid to go and ring his doorbell, though.
I'm afraid that I might have him mistaken for someone else.
I'm afraid that he might not remember me.
There are so many things I'm afraid of.
He knows who I am and I know who he is.
Back when I was innocent and carefree, I liked him.
I liked him a lot.
Just didn't show it much.
That's all.
But on Homecoming weekend last year, he stopped me on my way home.
I didn't remember him then.
But he remembered me and had been watching me from a distance.
I wasn't ready for a boyfriend then.
But I'm ready now.
I want to talk to him again.
To start anew.
I wonder if he's taken now.
He's a nice kid, so I wouldn't be surprised.
Or maybe, if I am so lucky, he's waiting for me to accept.
I don't know because I never get to see him now.
I would love to talk to him again.
Even if it was just as friends.
I think I saw him on my way home.
Might have been him on his bike walking his dog.
He looked back at me, and I couldn't be sure.
I waited outside for a while, then continued my work.
I didn't see him again this evening.
Maybe he'll visit on his trick-or-treating rounds tomorrow night.
I kinda hope so.
Then we can talk.
Then maybe I can accept.
I won't be stupid and turn him down again.