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All Over a Boy

Chapter Two: My Best Friend's Party Part II

"Ok," Laura replied in a small voice, jealousy welling within her. It wasn't angry jealousy, just hopeless jealousy. She watched him go, knowing that he would never be hers.

Jesse sped over to where the boy with the sparkling white smile was helping Nicole up. He could see her smiling up at him and he felt a shock of jealousy shoot through him.

"Jared!" he called to the boy, now holding Nicole's hand, trying to keep her steady.

"Hey! What's up man?" Jared replied, going into the guy's handshake.

"Nothing much here." Jesse said turning to Nicole. "Hey Ms. Klutz, care for a skate?"

'Please let her say yes!'

"Sure, Jesse. Nice to meet you…Jared." Nicole said, flashing a smile that fell short of her eyes.

Jesse possessively took her hand and slowly skated away, neither of them aware of the two pairs of eyes on them. One, Laura's, full of hurt and bewilderment; the other, Jared's pissed that he lost yet another girl to the ever-fabulous Jesse.

"Thank you for saving me. I thought he was gonna jump my bones right then and there!" She giggled in relief, evoking a small smile and a laugh from Jesse in return.

'God, what a gorgeous smile…NO, NO, NO. Don't think that. Bad Nicole! Bad Nicole!'

"Although I don't appreciate you calling me names," she said out loud, looking at him to see his reaction.

"Well, Ms. Klutz, I quite like calling you names because you get this cute little pissed off look whenever I do." He said, than blushed viciously when he realized that he just called her cute.

"I suppose that's a good enough reason." She said, secretly pleased at his remark.

They skated around for a bit, mostly with him just trying to help her keep her precarious purchase on the ground. With a bit of chatter and laugher, accompanied by longer periods of staring into each others eyes, Jesse and Nicole skated to six songs together.

At one point, when Nicole got tired, they went to sit in the center area of the rink. Sitting side by side, they made idle conversation, when Jesse acquired a glint in his eye.

'Her lips look so soft. Oh man, do I want to kiss her. Why don't I just do it? Ya…'

With those thoughts he leaned towards her, making her heart flutter. His heart was pounding as well, especially when he noticed that she closed her eyes and leaned to kiss him back.

When he made contact, however, it was with her soft, blemish less cheek which still sent tingles down both their spines. She had turned away at the last minute, however much she didn't want to.

"What…what happened?" he queried, extremely hurt and confused, his heart still racing.

"I..I can't," she muttered, looking down, embarrassed.

'If only I could tell him that I think he's gorgeous, and funny and smart and that I would love for him to kiss me…but no. Laura's my friend. I can't… do that to her.'

"Why?" he asked hopeful. She didn't look like someone repulsed. She looked like someone who was shy and scared. Maybe she'd never kissed anybody before.

"I can't do that to Laura."

At the confused look on his face, she went on.

"She really likes you Jesse. Like REALLY likes you, and I just can't hurt her like that. Shit, she's already hurt."

Tears collected at the corner of her eyes and she turned her head away, refusing to cry in front of him. But he turned her head towards him, his thumb and forefinger on her chin.

"Do YOU like me?" he asked, smiling.

Her lips trembled. She just nodded.

He smiled and it lit up the dark rink. But it faded as he saw the resolve on her face.

"I'm sorry, but I can't."

"Ok," he replied, disappointed. "Let's go back to the table."

As they stepped back onto the floor, another macho man flew by and knocked Nicole down, causing her to skid a few feet on her knees. Jesse caught her before she slid too far.

"Are you ok?" he asked worriedly.

With a grimace she replied, "Ya."

"Liar. Let me see."

She lifted her pants leg to reveal a bloody mess of a knee. He helped her up and basically carried her back to the booth. Laura rushed over to find out what was wrong, and fussed over her like a good friend should. When Nicole caught her eye, she smiled and nodded her head towards Jesse, then shook it. That meant that she told him no. Laura gave her a radiant smile and went to get ice.

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