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All About a Boy

Chapter 5: Strike One for Nicole

Recap from the last chappie:

"Do you want to give me a back massage? I'll give you one if you give me one." Nicole said quickly and cheerily, to try and dispel her embarrassment.

"Um, sure." He said.

'Damn! Dammit! Dammit!' they both think to themselves.

There was a tense silence for a moment, then Jesse broke it, with his melodious baritone.

"Ok, sure why not. You go first. Turn around."

'Was she really going to ask me? Hmm….oh well, at least I get to touch her now!'

Nicole sat in front of him nervously.

'I'm an idiot. It's official. Where is the nearest window so I can hop out of it because I need to….OOOH!'

Jesse had started his massage and had completely interrupted Nicole's train of thoughts. Every time his hands touched the bare skin of her neck, it sent shivers throughout her whole body.

'I hope he doesn't notice me shivering.'

'Is she shivering? Is that because of me…oh no, the air just turned on.' (A/N: what a doofus!)

"Mmmhmm, that feels so good Jesse! Where'd you learn how to do that?

"Nowhere, but if I had to say, it was when I gave them to my ex, Stef."

Nicole's shoulders tightened at the mention of Jesse's ex-significant other.

"Nikki, you ok?" Jesse said, pausing his massage and furrowing his brows.

"Yes, ya, I'm fine…don't stop cheater!" Nicole said, trying to lighten the mood.

Jesse laughed, a thick, mellifluous sound, that once again sent shivers tracing up and down her spine.

"Are you cold, babe? Hey, David!" Jesse called to the kid standing across the room. "Turn off the A/C."

"Thanks." Muttered Nicole in utter embarrassment.

'Boys are so totally clueless…erg!'

"Ok," he said, patting her shoulders. "MY turn."

'My turn! Yes! J'

Nicole sat behind him nervously, flexing her fingers in preparation. But she wasn't prepared for how his body would feel under her gentle touch.

'Oh my god! He feels so good! He's so muscular! Wow! *drool*' Nicole thought as she carefully massaged his back.

His muscles rippled as he bent his head down and shifted positions.

'Wow, this feels so good. She has nice hands…I wonder if…'

"Jesse...hello?" Nicole queried, interrupting his thoughts that were taking a turn towards a subject that should not be thought about in school. "Do you like it, the massage?"

"Huh?" he stammered. "Oh ya! It's awesome." He said looking over his broad shoulders, flashing a wide grin.

Nicole felt her heart flutter as she tried to concentrate on her task, which wasn't too difficult.

'I could do this everyday. How often do you get to feel up a hot guy without it looking dirty?'

Giggling, Nicole began to massage Jesse's neck.

"What's so funny?" Jesse asked, trying desperately to concentrate on the conversation as her soft, delicate fingers kneaded his sore shoulder muscles. Her hands on his body felt so good…

"Your face!" Nicole retorted, giggling once more.

"Haha, sure. You know I'm devastatingly handsome!" he said, hoping that she really thought so.

"Yes dahling. You are the epitomy of the beauty of man!" Nicole replied earnestly, then: "Actually you, I'm getting tired. I don't have those large arm muscles that you do so I can't last too much longer."

'Damn. She's giving me shivers. Wow, a girl's touch has never done that to me before.'

"Ok. Thanks…and I don't think that these," he said flexing his arm muscles, 'would look very good on you."

"I don't think so either." Nicole said. "Can you imagine? Haha!"

And so the period flew by as they spoke of trivial things and one just enjoying the other's company. When the bell rang, sounding the end of school with its high pitched whine, they were reluctant to part, but they did so. Flashing a smile in her direction, Jesse walked to his car. Nicole stared after him until Marie, emerging from her class directly across the hall and spotting her love-struck friend, tapped her shoulder, signaling that it was time to go home.

Waving to Marie as she drove away, Nicole fumbled with her mess of keys. Finding her house key, Nicole unlocked the door, turned off the shrieking alarm, and went to dump her messenger bag in her room that was littered with school books, clothes, college papers, video games, shoes, stuffed animals and whatever else one can imagine.

'Geez. This place is a dump. I really have to clean it up. Oh well, not right now.' Nicole thought as she headed for the piano.

She always played piano or cello when she was really stressed or had something on her mind. Right now, she had a very big something on her mind: Jesse. Pulling out the bench and grabbing her sheet music (although she didn't need it), Nicole began to play a nocturne by her favorite composer, Chopin. She began the lyrical melody, her fingers flowing over the keys without thought, her body swaying to the lilting melody of the music. The piece reminded her flowing water, always changing, taking away the old, brining in the new. This idea proposed by the music gave Nicole a venue to sort out her feelings over Jesse: her insecurities about her appearance, his feelings for her, their possible relationship. As the last chord rang through the strings of the upright piano, Nicole felt at peace with herself. She released the damper peddle, ending the sound, and with the end of the sound, Nicole came to a decision. She was going to pursue him. But first she had to make it known so that none of her friends would go after him. Then it would just be the situation with Laura all over again.

'Wow. I feel so much better, knowing for certain what I'm going to do. That's why I love music! But now, I'm hungry.' Nicole thought as she pushed the piano bench back in, leaving her music on the piano, and making her way towards the kitchen. Rummaging through the fridge, she pulled out some carrots to munch on and headed towards the sofa to watch some t.v. before she started her h.w. Before she got there, however, the phone rang.


"Hey Nikki? It's Mel."

"Oh hey Mel. What's up?"

They proceeded to talk about prom and what they were going to wear. Mel, or Melanie, had been Nicole's friend throughout high school. They were off and on friends, not because they fought, but because the strength of their friendship depended on whether or not they had classes or lunch together. This year, senior year, they were lucky enough to have lunch together and they became close once again.

"So Mel, who's the lucky guy who gets to take you to the prom?" Nicole said, knowing that Melanie could hear the smile in her voice.

"Well, no one yet but…" Melanie murmured a bit hesitantly.

"But what? Who is it? Oh…you like someone! Who?" Nicole questioned, first softly, then growing into a shout.

"Well…." She began, waiting for Nicole to interrupt, but she didn't, so Melanie continued. "You know that kid, Jesse? The one that Ben hangs out with?"

"Ya," Nicole breathed, her heart sinking.

"Well, I kinda think he was really hot, so I've been dropping hints hoping he would ask me out, but I don't think he's gotten the picture yet."

'Damn, she got there first.' Nicole thought, tears filling her eyes. 'No! I'm not going to be this way. She called it first, I have to help her, be a good friend…just like with Laura.'

"Well, stop waiting for him to ask you and just ask him yourself." Nicole chocked out before she chickened out.

"But, I'm scared. I don't want him to say no."

"Who cares if he says no? You'll never know until you ask him?" Nicole said, getting a little irritated. At least she had the chance to ask him, she should just take it.

"Hey, you have him in one of your periods, could you ask him for me, to see what he would say if I asked him? I'll still ask him. Yes, I will. Tomorrow after school. I just want to know what he's going to say beforehand. Please?" Melanie asked, hope sounding in her voice.

"Ya, I guess so. Leave it to me." Nicole responded, dejected.

"Great!" Melanie exclaimed, oblivious to her friend's change in mood. "I'll talk to you later ok? Bye"

"Bye." Nicole said, sounding dead.

'If I go after him now, it will seem like I'm taking Mel's man, and I couldn't do that to her or our friendship. Why does this always happen? I wish I had no conscience. Life would just be so much easier.'

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