Panicked Shadows
aka Elastic Memory

By Jaclyn / musicnotej
March 2003



and she wonders if she is good enough,
special enough. if they take the oddity that
flows through her and mold it into steadiness,
what has she become? and, spurred by this
new fear, she pours out her heartbeat into
these two-dimensional words and hopes that
the picture they paint is elastic enough to last
when they are only a memory, when they
are all she has.


and the voice in the black of the night calling
the stars are falling falling falling is harsh and
loud around her; and she is grasping blindly but
there is nothing left to hold, nothing to hold her,
and the panicked shadows slip away until
she is alone with this dead burning light
clawing into her back. she is alone, and the
blood trembling through her veins whispers
that these are scars that will not fade.