The next day at practice, everything was fine. We all got our lines and blocking down with no problems. Adrien, of course, had all his lines memorized. I noticed that he wasn't too sure on his blocking, though. We all went home in a good mood, glad that it was Friday. As we left the building, I remembered that I had to go get some papers from my locker. I went back and ran the combination, and opened the locker. My mouth dropped open. Inside my locker door was a message scrawled in red spray paint. There were pictures tacked up on the inside of the door, most of them from magazines. I looked at the red message again. I knew what it said now.

"You're next." It said.

"Sal! Sal!" I said, my voice barely a whisper.

"What is it?" Sal asked. She had been waiting for me at the end of the
hall, only a few feet from my locker. She took a quick look around my
locker before saying

"Jeremy, this is bad. Really bad." Her mouth was open, and I could
tell that she was at a loss for words. She looked blankly at me and

"Let's tell Mrs. Horraquah." We walked down the hall, and caught Mrs.
Horraquah just as she was leaving.

"Mrs. Horraquah! Someone put something in my locker!" I said, out of
breath from running to catch up. Mrs. Horraquah looked up at me for a

" Show me, Jeremy." Was all she said. I guess we were all pretty
shocked that any student was capable of doing such an act. We showed
her the locker.

"Look at this picture!" I said, pointing at Jess' picture. Mrs.
Horraquah just looked at it and said

"You kids go home." Sal and I reluctantly walked out of the building
and on home.

When I got home, I told Mom what happened first thing when I got home. She was shocked.

"Did you tell a teacher?" she asked me.

"Yeah, I told Mrs. Horraquah." I answered. Mom was still in shock.

"Do you know who might do something like this?" I told her I didn't know.

"I'm going upstairs." I said.

"Okay." Said Mom.

When I got upstairs, the first thing I heard was "Locomotive Breath". Danny was playing his imaginary drums this time. He looked up and grinned. I watched him play for a while. When the song was over, he looked at me and said "What's on your mind?" I told him about the locker.

"That's stupid," Danny said. "I think I know why they did it, too."


"Attention." Danny said simply.

"Why would anyone do that for attention?" I asked.

"Maybe they just weren't getting enough at school or something. Now everyone will know about it, and they'll all be talking, and then, whoever put that stuff in your locker will have gotten noticed, in a way," Danny explained. "What scares me is that the person could actually get your combination and break in to your locker." I had never thought about that before. Someone actually getting into my locker without having to really try. The thought was really chilling.

"Hey, guys," Mom called upstairs. "Want to go rent a video or something?" Danny and I jumped off the bed and bolted downstairs. "I guess that's a yes." Mom said. We piled into the van. "We've got to pick up the twins at their dance class on the way over, okay?" asked Mom.

"Sure. Where's Susan?" I asked.

"Susan's staying the night at Chelsea's house, remember?" said Mom as she started up the car. "Get the door for me, will you Danny?" Asked Mom, handing Danny the garage door opener.

"Sure thing, Mom." Said Danny, pressing the button. We backed out of the garage and down the driveway.

When we picked up the twins, Amy and Anne were wearing blue jeans and jackets over their black leotards, waving to various friends. They climbed in the back seat.

"How was rehearsal?" asked Mom, smiling at the twins.

"Great!" they said in unison.

"We finished the positions!" said Amy excitedly.

"We're working on the barre still, though." Said Anne.

"Mrs. Gilby says that maybe we can start working on partners next week." Said Amy.

"Are we going straight home?" asked Anne.

"No, we're going to the video store to rent something for tonight." Informed Danny.

"Okay." Said Anne, leaning back in the seat.

"Susan's at Chelsea's house tonight." I told the girls.

"We already knew that, Jeremy." Said Amy.

"Mom told us." Added Anne. Was I the only one who hadn't known that? When we got to the video store, we all split our separate ways. I went with Danny to the new releases section. Since it was October, Danny and I chose on "Dracula strikes". It was about some friends that found a vampire, and had to run away so that the vampire wouldn't get them. It was the usual teenage horror stuff. Altogether it was a fun evening. Dad came home around 6:00, with a pizza from Bella's, the local Italian restaurant. We ate dinner and watched the movie together, screaming in all the right places. If only the rest of the night could have been as good.

We all went to bed with scratchy throats from screaming so much. I climbed into bed and pulled up the blankets around my chin.

"Night, Danny!" I called.

"Night, Jerry-o." said Danny, as he disappeared around the dressing
screen. I rolled over and turned off the lamp next to my bed. I looked
out the window on the other side of me. I saw the street lamps, and a
few people walking home from caf├ęs and movie theaters. Some people
were walking their dogs.

All of a sudden, for some reason, I thought of the person who had ruined my locker. Where were they? What were they planning to do to me? What would they do to the rest of us? Who were they? Who would they hurt next? Why did they want to sabotage the play? My mind strayed back to the first question. Where was the person now? Were they at home, plotting their next attack? Were they prowling the streets? Maybe they were thinking of breaking in. Maybe they had broken in, and I didn't know it. Maybe they were coming up the stairs to my room, closer, closer, maybe with a weapon. Maybe they were planning to hurt me, maybe even kill me! No way. I didn't know anyone who hated me that much. I didn't even know anyone who really hated me. There was Adrien, sure, but he didn't hate me. Besides, he wouldn't want to sabotage the play he was starring in. He was too self absorbed. Mrs. Horraquah wouldn't do that. She was directing the play. Sal wouldn't do that, besides, she didn't have the opportunity to vandalize my locker. She'd been with me at practice the whole time. Jess wouldn't do it. He idolized Sal and I. Besides, he was a coward. He didn't have enough guts to do that! He wouldn't want to sprain his own arm, would he? I didn't know what was going on, and, for one rare moment, I was really scared.