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The space station slowly rotated as it made its way around Earth. Light escaped through a patch in the artificially made clouds. A shuttle glided by, entering an opening to deliver cargo to its inhabitants. Its pilot hesitated as it descended back to the now warring Earth.

Countries had fought one another, not knowing their true enemy. World War IV finally ended when a force known as the Tiger Clan seized control of Europe. The US retreated, hoping to build an army to stop the group of determined dictators.

As the Tiger Clan began another war overseas, funds poured in to assist researchers with space colonization, hoping to provide those fleeing from war to safety. By 2100, the first space station was built, just as the Tiger Clan began their first attack.

Though the station was continuously checked for flaws, the government would not yet allow permanent residency to inhabitants until they were given full proof that the station was suitable for human life. So the scientists offered an orphanage temporary residency to see if space life would in any way affect their health.

The Director, quite aware of the war situation, accepted the offer, unaware the orphans would be used as test subjects. The orphanage moved up a year later, after the scientists had completed their final inspection. Shuttle capacity prevented the whole orphanage from settling; however, so some were moved to another location. Thirty orphans were selected to board the shuttle, ranging from ages five to eight. Upon their arrival, twenty mysteriously fell ill…

The scientists quickly realized the cause of the illness and fixed the flaw. But before they could develop a cure for the virus, three of the children passed away. Those recovering from the illness were shipped down to Earth with the scientists for further analysis of the illness. Surprisingly, they found much more than an illness…they found a gift. The other thirteen were sent back to the orphanage when the colony was deemed safe for human life.

Families were quickly admitted into the colony after the government's approval. Before the end of the year, the space station had reached its capacity. New funds gave rise to more stations and before the war ended, over 50 stations had been established, holding over 2 billion people total.

Whatever happened to the children? Here is their story…