Chapter 1

~ ~ ~

Narrator: Scene - It's dark in the halls of Chauncey Rose Middle School. Maria, Brittany, Gabi, and Steph are back to terrorize their old school one last time before going onto North Vigo High School.

Maria: So, what exactly are we doing here again?

Steph: Just..looking around. You know. Maybe spray paint some stuff on the gym walls.

Gabi: Right.

Brittany: Allllll right, but this is boring! Let's do something memorable!

Narrator: All are silent. A cricket chirps in the background.

Brittany: ..what?

Maria: :Do: something :memorable?:

Steph: What exactly did you have in mind, Brittany?

Brittany: *thinks for a minute* Huh? *finally gets it* OH! I was NOT thinking of THAT, you guys!

Gabi: No, of course you weren't, Brittany. You would NEVER think of THAT.

Narrator: They are silent again.

Maria: Um, let's move on, shall we?

Narrator: They walk past Mrs. Sternfeld's room.

Steph: Hey, Maria, remember all our comics we drew in there? And our written conversations!

Maria: Yeah, we sure scared Brittany with that one! And all the 'sexual' stuff!


Narrator: Steph accidentally brushed her fingers over Maria's hand. Maria jumped and said loudly:

Maria: AH-HA! Sexual contact! (a/n: It's a long story. If you desperately wanna know, I'll tell you. Me and my friends are sooo immature.)

Steph: Sexual looking!

Maria: Sexual staring!

Steph: Sexual talking!

Maria: Sexual facial expressions!

Steph: Sexual writing!

Maria: Sexual licking your lips!

Steph: Sexual touching your face!

Maria: Bisexual!

Steph: Transsexual!

Maria: Sexual...sexual!

Steph: Sexual infinity!

Maria: Damn!

Steph: HA! I win!

~*End Flashback*~

Narrator: Maria and Steph smile at their fond memories. *gag*

Gabi/Brittany: *weird look* Riiiiight...

Narrator: They walk on.

Maria: Ah, the stairs...I used to love sliding down that rail..


Maria: Wheeeee! Stair rail!

Brittany: I'm gonna laugh when you fall.

Maria: I'll never fall! I am a Master Stair Rail Slider-Downer!

Brittany: Suuuure you are...

Maria: I am! Just watch!

Narrator: Maria jumps on the rail and proceeds to slide down. Halfway though, Brittany makes her laugh and she falls off backward.

Maria: Ow.

Brittany: Toooold ya soooo!

~*End Flashback*~

Brittany: Yeah, that was pretty funny!

Maria: For you. *sticks tongue out*

Brittany: Keep doing that and next time I'll grab your tongue and rip it out.

Maria: Suuuuuure you will! *sticks tongue out again*

Narrator: Brittany lunges forward and grabs Maria's tongue.

Maria: Yaaaaahhhhh! *muffled screams*

Steph/Gabi: O.o That doesn't look right.

Narrator: No, it doesn't.

Gabi: Maybe we should leave off this chapter here.

Steph: That's a good idea.

Narrator: Alright. Stay tuned for the next chapter..