So Weird DOES NOT belong to me(characters,songs, ect). It belongs to this idea belongs to me.

Annie Thelen sat in her room in the Molly Phillips tour bus. The bus pulled to a stop. Annie stood and streched. She was almost to the community room when her boyfriend, Jack Phillips, wrapped his arms around her waist. "Hey, Jack." Annie said turning around to face him. She looked into his friendly dark eyes. He smiled down at her. Jack kissed her gently on the lips. Only person new they were going out and that was Carey Bell. They broke apart and continued to walk to the community room. They walked off the bus. Ned Bell, Molly's chief roadie, was packing Molly's lugage in a car they had rented for her. Molly, Annie, Jack, and Carey were going to Molly's parents house for the little bit of time they had before Molly's big gig. Ned and his wife, Irene(Molly's manager) were going to go ahead make sure everything at the club was going and Annie sat in the back. Carey sat in the front. Molly got behind the wheel and rolled down the window."Have fun." Ned said. Molly laughed. "I will." she said. Molly pulled out and drove away. A few minutes later, Carey began flipping through the radio stations. "Carey, stop flipping through the stations!" Molly ordered. Carey stopped. "This next song is by a very talented young lady, Annie Thelen." the Dj said. Annie's song: To Dream About You, began to play. Annie smiled and leaned her head against the window. A minute later, Annie was asleep. In her dream, Annie was walking through a misty forest. She heard a low growl. Annie whirled around to see her spirit guide, the panther. *Becareful of your surroundings* a voice warned. Annie began looking around for a person to match the voice. "Who are you?" Annie cried. *Beware of the silence* the voice said. Annie was awoke by being shook by Jack. "What? Was I snoring or something?" Annie asked. "No, you were saying something in that one funky launage again." Jack told her. "Piraha Tribe?" Annie said. "Yeah." Jack said. Annie nodded and layed her head against the window and fell asleep again. About a half an hour later Annie was waken up by Molly saying: "We're here!" Molly was the first to get out of the car. Annie opened her door, got out, adn stretched. The door to Molly's parent's house flew open and Fi came running out of the house. "MOM!" Fi yelled happily. They hadn't seen Fi since thanksgiving. That was still long. Molly hugged her daughter happily. "Hi, guys." Fi said, to Jack, Carey, and Annie. "Hey Fi." Jack said, hugging his sister. "I missed you guys!" Fi declared. Molly's mother, Katheline, came out of the house. "Hello dear." she said. "Hi mom." Molly said, giving her mother a hug. "Who this lad and lass?" her mother asked. "This is Annie." Molly said putting her arm around Annie's shoulder. "Remember my friend Lisa Thelen?" Molly asked. "Yes." Katheline answered. "This is her daughter." Molly said. "Nice to meet you." Katheline said. "And, this is Carey Bell." Molly said, "His father is my chief roadie and his mother is my manager." "Nice to meet you too, dear." Katheline said. "Hello Molly." Her father said. "Hello, da." Molly answered, hugging her father. "Let's go inside now." Katheline said. So they went into the house. Carey took the lugage up to the spare bedrooms. "Hey, Annie I found the coolest thing before you came." Fi said. She was talking about something paranormal. Next to Annie, Jack rolled his eyes. "What was it?" Annie asked. "It was about this one thing called the silence."

To Be Continued...