Warnings: Death, murders, blood, gay relationships, cursing (probably), and violence.

Somewhat written like Micheal Prescots 'Last Breath'.


The light shown brightly threw the lightly colored glass window pane and crawled slowly over the lightly sleeping figure of a young boy lightly wrapped up in his soft cotton sheets and silken pillow case. He slowly opened one eye and looked around lazily at the early dawned encased room. He sat up slowly as he took in the sweet morning air and the sounds of birds chirping outside his window and in the large oak tree beyond his white washed window sill. He streached lightly and yawned loadly as he slowly woke up from his last night's rest.

The soft sound of yelling woke him up the rest of the way and he sat up listening intently as a door slammed and heavy footsteps lead away from the house. The quiet sound of paceing lingered in their sunny kitchen as their six year old son stood up and walked sleepily into the kitchen. "Mommy? What's going on?" He looked up startled as he saw the tears streaking down his mothers face. "Mommy? Whats wrong?" She gathered him up into her arms and held him tightly as she sobbed. "Mommy?" He glanced outside the window and saw a tall dark man and his father talking by the old willow tree by the garden and they were arguing about something. A boy about his age stood by the taller man and slowly turned to face him as if he knew he was watching them. The boy glared coldly at him with his dark blue eyes and slowly truned away to ignore him. 'Why did he look at he so mean? He must not have very many friends.[1]' He watched quietly as the tall man suddenly became very angry with his Daddy and started yelling at him. His Daddy started yelling back and soon they were yelling loud enough for him to hear.

"I told you I'm not working for him anymore! I quit and I'm not coming back!"

"You know you can't do that, he owns you!"

"Off! Get off my property!" His Daddy was now tremmbling in rage as his Mom was trying to get him not to look but he evaded her sttempts and kept watching. The tall dark man reached into his pocket and fingered something there.

"You know what I have to do then."

"Stay away from my family. Don't you dare harm..."He was cut off suddenly as the man quickly pulled the silver and metallic object he was fingering and pointed it at his father. Time slowed down as he slowly took aim and pulled the trigger. A scream erupted from somewhere and he looked for it's source, not realizing that it was himself who was screaming.

The man and boy turned to him as his Mother tightened her grip and turned to run. He looked over her sholder in shock and fear as they slowly turned to chase them. His mother ran quickly down the hallways and ran down to the back of the house to try and excape threw the semmingly far away back door. She pushed open the door with her sholder and ran out frantically into the yard and ran down towards the small river in the middle of their back yard as angry footsteps ran behind them. He looked back behind his mothers sholder and paniced as he saw the man raise his gun and take aim at his mother. His heart seemed to stop as a deathening sound rang out in the air and a resounding thump as the bullet sank into his mothers leg. She stubbled but ran on, quickly hiding behind a near by bush and placeing Avory on the ground and looking frantically into his bright green eyes wide with fear. "Run. Run now and get out of here, save yourself!" She pushed him when he started to protest. "Go!"

He could feel the tears stinging his eyes as he ran off down to the wooden gate and pushed thre the gate and ran down the poorly paved streets. He could still hear the sound of footsteps slapping behind him as he ran for his life. He sharply turned down an allyway and tried to press his burning legs to run faster. He turned out onto another street and ran down block after block as the footsteps became closer and closer and finally he turned down another allyway and glanced behind him as he was engulfed in the shadows of the tall buildings surrounding him and tried yet agian to push himself to run faster.

He turned back around and skitted to a stop before the brickened dead end in front of him, panicing on where he was to run. He saw beside him only a few boxes and trashbins as the layed plainly in sight for his persuer. The footsteps slowed down and he saw a shadow slowly creeping around the brick corner of the building as he panicingly jumped behind the trash bin at the last moment.

The footsteps still came closer to where he was hiding and stopped infront of the trash bin he was hiding behind. The footsteps were starting to come closer before a yell echoed threwout the darkened alleyway and the owner of those footsteps hesitated then ran back out of the alleyway and towards the hardened voice. Avory sat quietly shivering in the corner as he slowly came out of his shocked stuper and then silently started weeping.


[1] Avory's just a kid, you expect him to get philosophical or something?

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