"Riding on Pegasus"

Heaven forbid I never follow my heart.
Though to others it might seem strange,
I follow where my heart leads,
Even into the arms of another girl.
True, none of my relatives would approve,
But I figure I've nothing to lose.
Already deemed as family's outcast,
Nothing can destroy the elusive black sheep.
At times, I question where my heart lie,
Wondering if I am to be with he or she.
Then I look deep in my heart and view what's there.
Currently, the one I'd most rather be with is a girl.
Boys are so fickle, much more frail than a femme.
How can this be, you ask?
A girl is willing to share her heart with you,
Whereas the male counterpart would not.
So if asked which I would choose,
I would gladly choose a girl.
At least I would have someone my heart would trust,
Not someone purely in the relationship for lust.
Close-minded as society is now,
No one is safe.
It doesn't matter what your lover is, male or female,
You're still a target for ridicule.
But there is still happiness in holding someone, anyone, close.
Rejection after rejection by one boy after another -
Seems like such a small price to pay to be held in her arms.