By BlueMage

"Lynn, get some rope over here!" I yelled, hoping that she was still on board the boat. The storm had surprised us; lightening had hit the boat, leaving one part in flames and the other one sinking. Having lost our lifeboat, we had no choice but to try and make a raft out of whatever we could find.

Lynn snatched some rope from the railing, and threw it to me. Barely catching it, I used it to tie two pieces of wood, which came from the cabin's floor, together. "Lynn, we'll need some more!" Without hesitating, my wife set towards the burning part of the ship, to recover some rope. Barely making it past the flames surrounding it, she threw it to me.

"Thanks!" I yelled, as I caught it, and tied it to the two pieces of wood. Having some sort of rope attached to it was needed if we wanted to be able to hang on.

Then, for a magical moment everything seemed fine. Lynn and I would make it safely away from danger, and our kids would see their parents again. Tonight, the coastguard would find us, and we would sleep in each other's arm once again. In a couple of months we would go shopping for the holidays, and Lynn would screw up the thanksgiving turkey, but nobody would care.

Then I realized that Lynn didn't answer. Searching the boat, I wasn't able to find her, and all traces of her were gone. Only a big hole where she'd gotten the rope was left. I wasn't shocked as one would expect. The truth came slowly, and when I finally understood what had happened, I knew what I had to do. No shock. Just understanding.

"Shit…" I exclaimed as the truth hit me. Without further consideration, I took the raft, and jumped off the apparently cursed ship. "Lynn?" I yelled. "Darling, where are you?"

Then something hit me in the head, and everything went dark. When I awoke, the dusk had given the air a faint, red look, and the weak song of a seagull could be heard far away. Fog concealed the ocean, and only my freezing left arm, which had been hidden in the water, was left to remind me that I was trapped on the ocean on a raft consisting of two pieces of wood. Not the most fortunate of situations, right?

I started searching the floating objects around me, hoping to be able to find some food. Not that I feared starving or anything. I'd used the radio to call for help when the ship was hit by that lightening, and soon help would arrive. If they'd heard me, that was.

I shook my head. They'd heard me. Why wouldn't they come?

Finding a box, I pulled it towards me. It contained some clothing, and I decided to put it on. I was freezing, and if wearing Lynn's old coats could prevent that, then I wouldn't care how much of a fag the coastguard would think I was.

Then my weariness took over, and I fell unconscious again.

Wake up…

When I woke up, I was still sleeping. Somehow I knew. A voice that I recognised as Lynn's seemed to come from all directions at once, and seemed to echo in just as many directions. Around me, fish was swimming around happily.

Don't go with her…

I opened my mouth to reply, but somehow I couldn't do so. I suppose it was some sort of one-way connection from whatever to me.

An enchantress wielding an erotic power…

I almost laughed. When you read about these kinds of spooky dreams, you hardly expect the 'ghost' or the 'figure' or whatever it's described as, to start telling you about the flowers and the bees.

Sleeping for three centuries…

The fish around me disappeared.

Feasting on the souls it has captured…

The fish was fleeing from something. What?

Wake up, and don't go with her…

I woke up with a neck screaming for a pillow, and a smell in my mouth screaming for a toothbrush. To make my day, a pain had started developing in my stomach, revealing the fact that I was getting hungry. Slowly, I let the shiny, merciless monsters known as sunrays tear my innocent eyes apart, before letting me see my surroundings. It was morning.

"Are you okay?" a female voice spoke.

I quickly got as much up as the raft allowed, and I eyed a figure sitting but a legs length away from me. At first I thought that she was sitting on some sort of raft, but soon I discovered that it was in fact a stone. Don't ask me what a stone was doing out there, but believe me when I say it was there.

The voice repeated its question. "Are you okay?"

This was when I noticed her body. Oh, how I believed in god at that time. I'd forgotten all about my late wife, and now I could see nothing but this true beauty. Long, blond hair seemed wanting to hide a face so perfect that if the gods ever wanted a new member, this woman would be fitting.

Fighting to stop noticing her face, my eyes took a journey down the rest of her body. Everything was perfect. Her neck, her breasts, her stomach and… This was when I noticed her lack of legs. Instead, the tail of a fish rested its weight on the stone, but strangely I couldn't care less. I'd already fallen in love with this woman, and I'd be damned if a tail could stop that. I opened my mouth to speak, but only a little spit came out.

"Don't worry," she said in a voice that instantly calmed me down, "I'm not going anywhere." The smile on her face convinced me that this was true.

Somehow she got closer to me. If it was the stone or the raft that moved, I don't know. When she'd gotten so close that our faces could hold an orange between them, she opened her mouth, and started singing in a voice that enchanted me even more than her perfect body.

Preocupación, marinero

su alma está en peligro

huya mientras que usted puede

resistas mi cara

resistas mi canción

resistas mi cara

resistas mi canción

Never had I loved Spanish as much as I did then. When she was done singing, she leaned forward and kissed me. Not just a small kiss, but also a fully-fledged French one with a tongue exploring and everything. However, her tongue seemed searching for something…

Actually, this combination of Spanish and French seemed rather ironic. I understood as little of those languages as I did when it came to women. Truly a mysterious race…

When she'd kissed me, she leaned back on her rock, and looked and me with her ocean blue eyes. Barely being able to speak, I asked her who she was, and she leaned forward and kissed me once more. "Don't worry about that," I heard her say, although her mouth was occupied. "Don't worry right now."

I wasn't cold. Right now, I was as warm as I'd ever been, and I placed my arm around her, as the kiss continued. Her breasts firmly pressed against my chest. At that moment everything seemed irrelevant. My dead wife, the ocean around me, and my taxes. None of it mattered. She was everything, and everything was her. This was love in its purest form; lust and romance mixed in a single kiss that seemed as wild as a thousands tigers, and as passionate as a Lynn had seemed with our first child.

Breaking the kiss, I looked her in the eyes, barely noticing that my right hand was holding her left breast. "Stay," I begged. "Don't ever disappear." I looked away. I didn't feel worthy of looking such beauty in the eyes.

"Come with me," she suggested in a highly seductive voice. "Marry me."

I didn't care how I was ever supposed to have sex with her. Where the hell did a fish hide its genitals, anyway? I just knew that I wanted her, and I started nodding eagerly.

Smiling, she took my hand, and we dived underwater. Here, in a world of bubbles, we would be together, and live our enchanted life. I knew then that everything was perfect. Never before had I experienced this; at this point, love seemed so old, and this seemed so new. Yes, it must have been some sort of love, but it was way too strong. Comparing this to love would be like comparing a brick with a castle. This was bigger, grander and it was able to stop all thoughts about anything but her. After a minute or so, I started wanting air, and after two minutes, the creature that had once seemed so beautiful was holding my hand so tight that I had no chance escaping. My head was shaking, and I tried eating my chins in hope of finding some bubbles of air. Yes, it sounds ridicules, but I couldn't really afford the luxury of thinking at that point, now could I?

Soon, however, I opened my mouth, and allowed my lungs to be flooded by water. The salty taste surprised me, and I tried coughing. However, this only helped more water down to my lungs, and I gave up.

The last I ever experienced was a sharp pain from my stomach, as the creature started eating what I'd eaten ten hours ago.

Suddenly, when the darkness disappeared, I started rising. Below me, I saw a savage beast eating my body deep beneath the deepest of waters, but right now I didn't care. I didn't need the body where I was going.

However, something prevented me from going up. The soul of the beauty had pierced a claw through my leg, and its fangs were now eating my soul. The deep and surprisingly purple eyes revealed the truth in its own, silent manner: I wouldn't only die here. No, my soul would be trapped in her body forever.

The last thing I ever saw before being trapped in darkness was Lynn. Her soul seemed to glitter with power, and I knew then that I was looking at an angel. She didn't have the strongly erotic look that my devourer mastered, but seeing her was enough to calm me down. I was overwhelmed by something I can't describe. No, it wasn't love, but it was close.

"I told you," she said, shaking her head and giving him that odd 'it's your own fault'-smile that only women seems able to use.

"I know you did, baby," I said. Well, I didn't really move my mouth, but somehow I was able to tell her, anyway. "But you have no idea what power your gender wields."