How long has it been

Since I danced with the deamons

My little feet on their feet

How long as it been

Since I twirled around

And fell down 'cuz I was dizzy

We all forget these things

The simple plesures of life

But I'm diffrent

'Cuz I know how much fun

It can be, so I go ahead and spin

And laugh until I fall down

Roll down a hill Live every day like it's your last

Don't know when I'm guna die

But what's the point in living? So I'm guna do it the way

That I wana do it

And I'm guna smile along the way

Guna spread my wings

And fly to the sky

And close my eyes

Then I'm guna dance with the deamons

A nice ballroom dance And they don't care about my past

Even if you do 'Cuz I'm a fallen angel Nearly one of them

I'm guna spread my wings

And fly