Cold and lonely,
Like a wingless angel
Moping around the earth.
Searching, searching
Searching for something I've never had
Something I've always wanted
Something that I can't find,
It's been denied.
I can't find it,
Can't find a place
A place that I can call home.

Pull me back,
Tear me up.
Kill me,
Rape me
Burn me
Hate me.
I don't care,
I've got nowhere to go,
Nowhere to be
Nowhere to belong.
Torn apart,
Ripped and burned
Dead and strangely free.

A joke of the conscious
Pride is a thing you only have
When you belong
When you have somewhere
Or someone to turn to
To escape
To fly
To be free.
Broken angel
Broken wings
Desecrated dreams.

Kill me,
Rape me,
Burn me,
Hate me.
Free me from this pain
Free me from this hate
Give me a home
A place to be
A place, to belong.

Alone and torn,
Alone and broken.
My spirit's slipping,
I'm losing control.
I remember pride.
That fickle thing
The thing that kept me going.
It's dragging me down
Tearing me apart.
I can't find a home
I can't find a place
Where I,
Can belong.