a/n: This first chapter is from the POV of a new character. Actually, this chapter is mostly about that new character... Hope you enjoy reading this! ^^


Chapter 1: The Light

There were only a few people left now, and they too slowly dispersed.

I searched the faces of the people in black, but wasn't able to find the one I was looking for.

Where is...?

Then it hit me. I sighed.


I left the burial site and entered this small forest just to the left of it, barely 10 steps away from the gate.

I walked quickly through the forest, only to have the hem of my black dress caught on a prickly bush.

Darn, I thought. This was the very reason why I hated wearing dresses.

I kept going, more careful now.

After a few minutes, I found the place I was looking for.

And sure enough, she was there.

She seemed lost in thought, back facing me, standing near the edge of the cliff, looking to the mountains on the other side; a gentle breeze playing with her shoulder length dark brown hair. I sighed again, smiling this time.

My friend Alex, the thinker.

I had known her since we were kids, and thus knew her enough to say that she was the silent type, but could be as wild and crazy as any average teenager once you got to know her better.


I had startled her [much to my enjoyment].

She turned at the sound of my voice, meeting my wide grin with a soft smile.

I walked over to her side as she fidgeted with her hair.

She was so not used to wearing her hair down like that in public. In fact, the last time she wore her hair like that was 2 years ago, on a dare from yours truly. I knew that it was down now because her grandma told her to wear it that way.

I dug into my pocket and handed her the hair tie I'd brought, expecting that this would happen.


We remained silent as she took out the comb from her pocket and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

"That feels so much better." She said.

"See? I told you you needed comforting..."

We laughed at this, forgetting all worries.

"Grandma P told me to get you."

She nodded.

Grandma P is actually Alex's grandmom, but she treats me so much like family that she told me to call her that. The P stands for Paula, but I've taken to saying P instead. She doesn't mind at all.

And so, we made our way back to the burial site hand in hand, [careful not to get our annoying dresses caught on anything] talking about random, silly things.

We spotted Alex's grandmother and my parents talking with each other, right beside our parked gray minivan.

My older sister and younger brother weren't far off, playfully fighting over something again.

"Alex! Rhea! There you are!" Grandma P said, as soon as she saw us.

Alex's grandma was the type of grandmother who lives her life until the very last moment.

And I mean live.

Once she decides something, that's that. Period. No questions asked.

A few years ago, she freaked Alex's parents out by telling them that she wanted to go bungee jumping.

And she did, mind you.

Not tall, not short, not chubby nor thin, black hair with streaks of gray, making people think it's a fashion statement; well, that's about it for her physical appearance, aside from the regular wrinkles [don't tell her I said that].

Also, she had that 'air'; demanding respect at all times. Like one of those teachers who make even the noisiest of students shut up just by entering the room.

Despite that, she was a kind soul.

"And it's about time, too. I'm about to miss my 6 pm soap!"

I rolled my eyes.

That was my sister, Julienne.

"Rhea's parents were kind enough to offer us a ride home, since your Aunt Gem, Aunt Judy, Uncle Danny, James and Phil went of to buy us dinner."

Alex nodded.

Man; I knew she was the quiet type, but she barely said anything these days.

But I didn't blame her.

If my parents were to leave me, I wouldn't say much either.

"Well, let's go everyone. Get in."

My dad said, as opened the door for us. We all did as he was told.

"You okay?"

Me and Alex were sitting at the back of the minivan.

She was looking out the window, a 'far off' look in her eyes.

She was silent for a moment, then she faced me and smiled.

"I'm fine, I was just worried about my Aunt's brownies."

We laughed.

"You mean your Aunt Judy's Tooth-breaker Brownies?" I replied.


I smiled. "I pity you," I said, overly dramatic, as I shook my head.

After a short pause, we broke out laughing as my dad started the car and drove home.

"Sis!" I called, rummaging in my drawers.

No answer.

I went out of my room to find my sister staring at the TV as if she was in a trance or something.

"Robert, how could you?!" she said, a look of anger on her face. "And it's all your fault, Alice!"

I stared at my elder sister in horror.

She was talking to the TV characters?

My goodness.

I snapped my fingers in front of her face just as the show ended. "Earth to Julie!"

She snapped out of her trance-like state, and looked at me. "What?!"

"Do you know where my math homework is?" I asked kindly.

"How the heck should I know?"

Then I heard something that made my blood boil. A snicker.

Coming from my brother's room.

I swiftly turned my head to face him, just as he waved my homework in the air and slammed the door.


I calmed myself quickly, then I smirked.

I had a plan.

A second after I put my plan into action, I got my homework back. I smiled.

The things a boy would do if you hold his Gameboy hostage...

"Rhea, are you busy with anything?" My mom asked me.

"You mean aside from plotting ways to finally rid this world of Evan?" I replied, sweetly.

My mom's eyes widened in shock. "Rhea!" She said, in a scolding tone.

"Mom! I was just kidding!"

Jeeze! Parents. Can't take a simple joke.

"Oh... So, are you busy?"

"Nope. I'm not doing anything right now."

"Would you do me a favor and run to the grocery for me and buy some butter?" She pulled out a bill from her pocket and handed it to me.

"Sure mom. Except for the 'run' part, that is." I put the bill in my pocket.

"Be careful!" My mom said, just as I was leaving.

"Here you go." The cashier handed me the change.

I took the grocery bag and exited the grocery, only to be met with something totally unexpected.


Darn. I knew I should've brought that umbrella... Oh well. It's just water anyway... I shrugged and headed home.

Halfway home, the rain decided to punish me even more. It rained harder.

The people on the street gradually dispersed.

I scolded myself again for not bringing my umbrella and ran to the waiting shed only a few yards away.

I stood there, waiting with a woman as unlucky as I was.

There weren't any more people in sight. Cars passed, but quite rarely.

I glanced at my companion and she smiled.

I smiled back. I guess misery does love company after all.

I looked at her and she looked at me politely, curiously. Then something happened.

My polite expression quickly turned to one of fear as she started to pull something out of her pocket. It glinted.

I saw something flash in her seemingly kind eyes at that moment.

I didn't know what it was, but something inside of me knew.

Fear overcame me and I dropped the paper bag. The butter lay on the ground, forgotten.

There was a voice in my head that said 'Evil. . . must. . . . . destroy. .'

I didn't know what scared me more; what the woman might be about to do, the flash in the her eyes, or that voice.

My question was answered no more than a nanosecond later, because right after I heard the voice, I started to... to glow...

A white light enveloped me, and I felt a warmth of sorts. My eyes widened in shock, as the woman's eyes widened in fear and confusion.

Suddenly, the kind woman was... well, she wasn't so kind anymore.

Her eyes were different. Across her right eye was a scar.

That scar burned an image in my mind that I would not forget.

I could feel rage and hatred emanating from her, and, as the voice had said, evil.

'Destroy. . .' at that one word, my hands flew up involuntarily. My hands clasped themselves together at my chest, like I was praying.

As I did this, the woman realized what was what about to happen, and ran, dropping the ancient-looking knife she was about to pull out of her pocketToo late.

The white light began to envelop the woman too, and she let out an ear-piercing scream.

The light grew and grew around her.

She slowly turned into black smoked vanished in front of me, leaving me with one word that [if possible] puzzled me even more.


After that, the light disappeared as swiftly as it appeared.

My heart was beating at a very high speed, and all blood drained from my face.

I took a few steps back, shaking, still unbelieving, then ran out of the waiting shed at top speed back home, oblivious to the fact that it was raining cats and dogs.

Time didn't seem to exist as I ran up the steps to my home. I subconsciously slammed my hand on the doorbell, and just stood there, soaking wet.

I was shaking, but not because it was cold.


I looked up and saw my mom standing there, with Evan beside her. They both had looks of horror on their faces.

I would have laughed if the situation wasn't as horrible.

I couldn't think. I barely heard my mom as she shouted out orders at Evan and Julienne. I barely felt her bring me inside.

"What in the world happened?"

It took me what felt like an eternity for me to process that question. I opened my mouth to speak, to tell her everything, but then I discovered that my voice was nowhere to be found.

Everything started to blur, and then the world around me slowly faded to black.

.:third person pov:.

The man clenched and unclenched his fists and gritted his teeth in anger and hatred; the two emotions that he always felt. Usually, he just swallowed it up and kept his calm at all situations, but, right at that moment, he felt the two emotions at a level that could probably make him explode then and there.

He had seen the whole thing, unnoticed, unseen by anyone.

When the girl suddenly clasped her hands and started to glow, he knew he had to do something. But even he knew that it would be useless.

Better his subordinate than him.

He walked over to the waiting shed and bent down to pick up the old dagger, careful not to leave any evidence of this happening. He held it for a while, relishing its evil power.

Careless fool! He thought.

He had given the sacred dagger to his subordinate to finish the task. But she was obviously not good enough to.

Then again, it wasn't entirely her fault.

They had been told that it was a simple task. They hadn't expected this to happen.

He tucked the dagger into the inside pocket of his black coat and disappeared.