" Sash!" He cried. " Get down!"

Sash bent her head as Don reached over her and gave the bell a hard yank.

" DONG!" The bell screamed.

Lights flashed on all around the base of the camp, sergeants and captains, running around, yelling orders to the soldiers. Don placed Sash onto his back before hopping out of the tree. He landed with a thud! and ran, Elaine close behind him.

Don ran into the bunks and yelled for the soldiers to wake. They woke immediately and left a path for Don to take Sash home. Sash dropped from his back and began to take long running strides matching his own. She grabbed a shield and a helmet.

" I'm ready!" She yelled.

" No you aren't," Don grunted. " War is no place for a woman."

Sash scowled. " I am not six anymore! Nor is this the time to get rid of an extra soldier from those too cowardly."

Don sighed. She was right. He grabbed his own shield and helmet. They joined the weaponry line, Sash hurrying to hide her hair under her helmet.

" Have I seen you before?" The weaponry man said.

Sash nodded her head and took the weapon the man held out.

" You remember how to shoot?" Don hissed to her as they ran to join the ranks.

" Duh!" Sash retorted.

" Sash!" Elaine bellowed.

Damn. " Hell are you doing!" Elaine continued to scream.

Someone grabbed Sash roughly by her shirt and whirled her around. She came face to face with a livid man.

" Young girls like you are not to be on the battlefield!" He yelled.

A loud piercing wail filled the air and all the men doubled over, covering their ears.

Sash looked up, still covering her ears. " They're here!"