could I reach out and touch you

existing parallel to me

do we enclose each other as yin and yang

infinite in the same place the same time

the different universe


could it be that you have somehow

transgressed my ruined farce of life

did you make all the same choices

tell my lies (love them)

hide yourself (from them)

do you sit writing this same life

wondering if I am even real

wishing I could ask you and me

about us

but we read through the rest

forever apart so close the same

so far away here standing in me

but if we are not me then you cannot

be me either as I am

if you are tangent I am

millions of us never knowing

does it mean infinite heavens

and infinite hells

waiting for us

do any of us believe they exist

are any of us alone

as we are in our universe

apart for eternity

alone together in life love and death