the world seems to be a drama that you don't understand.

yesterday (all yesterdays) you opened

and i was




a disconnect inside a mind a simple piece of chemistry

failed humanity again

did you blame them for being the way they are?

or was it my


desire (to)


that inspired my shock aghast helplessly querying your beliefs

i finally determined

that you didn't understand. or meant something else

other than what it was I heard from your




but i still paused to think that perhaps (do me no credit)

it was you who are destroying the world

corrupting the children!

ignorance protecting lies

a trajedy unfolding in humanity

a simple majestic flaw

that slowly dooms u.s. each passing year to the clutches of !hideous !men!

seeking only for themselves feeding on innocence

preying on you my beloved friend

you who do not seem to think

why cant i wake your mind where are you

don't let our fears end their hopes