"The Foolish Heart Rides Again"

For the ages I denied it; running from truth,
Forest of haze and devoured souls of youth.
Lust took over and had its way,
Now feeling aggrandized than dare say.
Pardon the forward expression but it need be told,
Something shameful passes this way to unfold.
What to do when tears refuse to fall?
What to say when it strikes against a wall.
Frustrations becomes thy wrath,
What the hell to do, what's a proper path.
Stray but a little and I should victory sanity,
But selfish tendencies wrap in vanity.
Know what I desire,
Burn ashes from fire,
Hell in rapture,
But a heart will not take kind in the imaginary of capture.
Damn the emotions that withdraw from this drained mass,
Foolish games that are prayed upon to pass.