Partial thoughts and poetry
Are all that 'scape my mind.
Speaking soft and slyly,
Of things I've left behind.

A whisper causes mem'ry
To rear its ugly face -
Of all the spawn of Lilith,
For sure, most feared, this case.

With pangs of sorrow, angst, and joy,
We oft replay our lives,
The little girls, their puppy dogs,
The men their homely wives.

Yet what foul demon taints this gift,
What creature lies in wait?
'Tis none more than Mnemosyne,
and bloody Queen Hectate.

The swirl and mix of both dear gods
Does call all men to know
Of love and lovers left to rust,
Of promises laid low.

Cry out in night, oh sleeping thief,
For thou dost steal our lives -
We wither and we fade in pain,
As we pray to mend our lies.


Should you not be of the know, Mnemosyne is the barely-mentioned
Greek god of Memory, while Hectate is Queen of the Harpies. Hectate
lives in Hell and tortures people for nasty things they've done in the past.
And Lilith was the mythical first wife of Adam, who gave birth only to demons.
Mrow. And that, Arthur K, is a lovely line-alternating rhyme scheme for you.
*grin* I hope you like it. I do agree with you - rhyme scheme makes everything
flow -so- much better. Saa. But I generally make my poems with no scheme
because it conveys the way I'm often feeling when I write poetry. [i.e.~
-confused-.] Heh. Ja ne. REVIEW. ^_^