A cold whisper of wind
Is reminder to my

It cries, it mourns.
Astarael, do you live on?
Your ever-weeping eyes -
Do they see the sun?
No, from it they have been
Forever parted.

Is it for this you cry?
It all comes clear.

You created beauty, life, love,
But all these are hidden
From your sense.

O Woeful Mourner, O Crying Queen,
Know such - your gift lives on,
Your love carries forth,
Your children sing.

Yet my thoughts do not reach you -
And therein, O life-giver,
Truly lies your sorrow.


Nyet! I wrote this for my Honors World Lit class.
Fleagh. If you've read the Sabriel trilogy by Garth
Nix, you know who I'm talking about. If you haven't...
read it. Oh, yeah. Your basic disclaimer applies:
*monotone voice* Sara Roberson does -not- own any such
thing such as "Astarael" or any other things conceived by
the wonderful Garth Nix.

I take your leave. Review? ^_^