Faerie Wars

Book 1

Chapter 1

'War of the Techi'

I dodged the blast of electricity that was flying towards my hip. I ducked under the iron rod that held my opponents magic. I stood the highest that I could and raised my staff. I shouted a spell and suddenly my opponent was blown to smithereens.

I was breathing hard and my body was aching all over. I needed to get some sleep; after all it was after midnight. My uniform was a bit torn, but that could be fixed. It was a short black skirt and a pink top. The whole uniform was almost skin-tight. It helped when I was fighting.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I am a Faerie Fighter? That always seems to slip my mind. Incase you don't know what a Faerie Fighter is I am going to explain it. I am thirteen years old and when I was eleven something strange happened. A very pretty faerie landed on my windowsill while I was sleeping. She woke me up and chanted something that I couldn't understand. An orange light surrounded me and I suddenly transformed into something I never thought existed; a faerie. I had black and blue wings and an outfit that was weird. My hair turned from black to purple and it was up in an elegant style that I could never learn to do to my hair.

Then the faerie told me about my powers and what my duties were. She told me that I was what her people called a Faerie Fighter and that I was to work along with other pixies like myself. I, of course, said that I was human, not a pixy. She told me her name was Sakuri and that I was a pixy in my past life but I was reborn as a human. Sakuri described that I was to fight evil that threatened the humans and pixies both. I am the leader of the Faerie Fighters and my companions were my friends from school. They too would find out their fate on the very same night.

To transform, I say 'Pixy Powder Power' and I become Techi Nyou. I have no magical powers in my blood, other than the power to control the weapon that I use. No other pixy or human can use it. It only responds to my touch.

I walked home to my apartment. I passed Almond and Strawberry to Cherry St. That was my street. My apartment complex was called Cats Cradle Apartments. Scary, but the rooms were to die for. They were huge, and had many rooms that were large and had a lot of space. And of course my parents being who they are they fixed the apartment up very nicely. I mean, they found the most expensive apartments they could, and then shopped for the best furniture that they could find in all of Japan. But, its home and I love my room, it has almost everything I want, or that my parents want me to want.

I opened the wooden door to my apartment and walked in. My parents knew nothing about me being Techi Nyou. So I didn't want them to find out by me sneaking in late at night, so I was very quiet. I slipped into my room and shut the door. I quickly changed back into Koneko, my real self and undressed. Then I got into my PJs. I climbed into my bed and closed my eyes. It felt so good to be able to relax after the battle with the monsters trying to take over the human world. I drifted off into a deep slumber.