My breath grows heavy,
I drop my head.
I close my eyes, to feel all the pain,
My heart shatters- words cannot describe it,
And the naive cannot comprehend.

Close your eyes, and ignore the pain,
Smile for the world, so they may have light.
But ho, if only they can understand,
How much it takes for one smile- even just one.

It takes a world of pain,
Which i despise, for i am wicked.
No, believe me when i say that.
Turn away.
You don't see my heart,
And all its darkness

And so...
Back to the darkness, where i belong,
To stay there forever,
Where no one will hurt me, and i them-
To be about my own business, watching the world from afar.

My energy is spent,
And once again, hurt floods me,
...But no anger this time...

Above me the sky, below me the earth, in me the Lord, around me the world
Below the starry sky and above the grassed earth,
He alone is my comfort,
And around me the world is gone.

The rain calls softly, and i remembered my blurry past,
My mother's face and my father's anger,
But i feel nothing.

The laughter shared with friends,
Those who i once trusted,
To whom i dared to open up...
But they were all silent-
Some snared and turned away,
Others looked at me as if a cub in the hunter's cage,
And forgot it.