"Beep. Beep. Beep,"

Aliena groaned and threw her clock onto the floor. She tried slipping back into her deep slumber but it was useless. The clock had succeeded at its ultimate job, waking her up. Aliena sighed as she got up, her brown hair sticking out in all sorts of directions. Her green eyes glanced about for a moment as she slipped out of her bed and took out the clothes she had previously chosen last night to wear, and placed them on the bed. Suddenly her room opened and a young girl stepped through the door. She had long black silky hair and hazel eyes; she only looked about five or six.

"Aliena can you put my hair up? Mommy forgot and left," The young girl said quietly, standing in the doorway a frown upon her face. Aliena looked at the girl and smiled lightly.

"Alright Crystal. Come sit," Aliena said gently, patting her bed. Crystal smiled and handed her older sister a brush and two ponytail holders.

"Can I have pigtails?" Crystal asked as she sat down onto the bed.

"Sure." Aliena smiled as she brushed through the hair. She understood why her mother could have forgotten; she had to catch a plane and would be away for awhile. Leaving Aliena in charge for the first half of the school year. Aliena sighed lightly as she placed the last bow into her sister's hair.

"There you go. Now go eat some breakfast and pack your bag," Aliena commanded sternly but softly. Crystal felt her hair until she was satisfied then smiled wide and skipped out of the room. Aliena chuckled to herself then picked up the clock seeing that it flashed 7:30 am.

'Shit. I'm going to be late!' Aliena scolded herself as she rushed into the bathroom. Ms. Green picked up Crystal at 7:05 to keep her at her house until it was time for her school to start. Which left Aliena plenty of time to get downtown without having to worry about her younger sibling. Aliena brushed her curly brown hair as best she could then placed it up into a ponytail, frustrated with it not doing what she wanted. She just finished placing her shirt on when she heard the doorbell ring.

"HOLD ON!" Aliena screamed, slipping on her pants as she jumped down the stairs. She tripped over her own foot, falling down the stairs and landing with a loud thud.

"Are you okay Aliena?" Crystal looked at her sister with a worried expression as she unlocked and opened the door.

"Yeah I'm fine," Aliena muttered as she rubbed her backside lightly, getting up. Mrs. Green smiled as she stepped in, looking at the two.

"You two okay? I thought I heard a thump," Mrs. Green asked, a slight hint of worry in her voice. Mrs. Green was always looking after the two girls, knowing that their mom was struggling as it is and no father was here to support the household. Aliena smiled as she gave Crystal a sweatshirt.

"I just tripped. No big deal," Aliena said quietly then turned to her sister. "Be good today okay? I'll pick you up and we'll walk home,"

Crystal nodded furiously, getting restless. "Yes, yes I know," She said anxiously, grabbing Mrs. Green's hand. Aliena chuckled lightly then hugged Crystal.

"Be careful. Love ya kid,"

"Love you too. Bye," Crystal said as she exited out the front door with Mrs. Green. Aliena shut the door then stood there for a moment.

"School!" She screamed as she looked at the clock in the dining room. It was almost 7:45 the next train came at 7:50. Luckily it only took her 5 minutes to get to school from the subway. She grabbed her keys and backpack, running out of the front door and into the streets of the Bronx. She ran down the street and walked into the subway station, sliding her Metro Card through the machine and walking through. Once seated on the bus she sighed and rubbed her right temple.

"What a way to start the day," She thought to herself as she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes.